Pencil Arrow Valentines

Hello Everyone! How was your weekend? Mine went by WAY too fast. Not nearly enough relaxing or de-compressing occurred…but we had gorgeous weather and lots of family time, so no complaints here! AND…I managed to knock out Henry’s Valentines for all his little buddies (long before the night before they’re due in school!!!), and I am pretty excited to show you what we did!

Pencil Valentines-001

I realize pencil arrows are nothing new or unique – I am pretty sure I’ve seen a million variations on Pinterest in recent weeks. But these were really quite fun to make AND they photographed so darn cute that I had to share!

Pencil Valentines-002

I am a big fan of the non-candy Valentine; and with having to buy just the package of pencils, these really couldn’t be any cheaper!

Pencil Valentines-003

Also, Henry was a huge fan of these. He was right next to me the whole time as I was making them, and I could barely keep his little hands off of them! Not only are they really cool arrows, but they also happen to fly really well (like paper airplanes!) Score!

Pencil Valentines-004

I started with this package of Valentine pencils from Michaels. On sale, I paid less than $2 for 24 pencils! Valentine pencils abound in the stores right now, but I liked that this pack offered patterns that would appeal to both boys and girls.

Pencil Valentines-005

Pencil Valentines-006

I then used my Cricut Explore (and the online software) to design and cut the three components to my arrow design. (By the way, I’m quite a few projects in with my Cricut Explore at this point, and I am still pretty smitten with both the software and the machine – that write and cut feature is THE.BEST! #notsponsored). Once designed and tested, I cut out a bunch of arrows in various color schemes.


Pencil Valentines-007

Pencil Valentines-008

Next, I used roller adhesive to join the tip and tail components together.

Pencil Valentines-009

Pencil Valentines-010


I designed my arrows to have little slots to hold the pencil in place (admittedly, used Amber’s clever design to figure this part out!). To insert the pencils, I just bent the circle tabs upward and (carefully) slid the pencil into place.

This is rather embarrassing, but I can’t find our electric pencil sharpener ANYWHERE…so I tried to sharpen all my pencils with a manual sharpener. A dozen hand cramps and not-so-pointy-tips later, I gave up and settled for blunt pencils. That’s okay – these pencils are for pre-schoolers, and they really shouldn’t have super sharp pencils anyway 😉 Right?

Pencil Valentines-011

Pencil Valentines-012

I inserted all the pencils into the paper arrows to create quite a love-ly quill of arrows!

Pencil Valentines-013

Pencil Valentines-014

I’m pretty giddy with how these turned out. And Henry is just over-the-moon excited to hand them out to all of his friends this week!

Pencil Valentines-015

Pencil Valentines-016

And one more dose of reality for your Monday. Photo shoots with almost-4-year-olds are NOT as easy as some blogger make them look! Pair this wiggle worm with my mediocre camera skills and we ended up with tons of outtakes and just a few decent shots! But man, those big brown eyes sure do get me every.single.time. #lovethatkid #somuchpersonanality #iwantedtheredshirt #hewantedtheblue #yesibribedwithfruitsnacks

Pencil Valentines-017

In this photo, his little fist was the ONLY thing in focus – loved it!

Pencil Valentines-018

Five days before Valentines Day, and we are ready! Are you making home-made Valentines this year? Are you ready to go? If not – you still have plenty of time to pull something together. If you need more ideas, you can check up my Valentine projects roundup here!

Pencil Valentines-019


Hope everyone’s week is off to a wonderful start! See you back here Wednesday with a top-to-bottom transformation that newbies to THIHM won’t want to miss!

See you then,


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29 Responses to Pencil Arrow Valentines

  1. Hello! I love this project! Do you have the file you used to do the cuts? I’d love to make it for my son and daughter for their class Valentines. Thank you so much!

  2. Is there a trick to inserting the pencils and not breaking the tabs on the card? I managed to break both tabs on my sample one I made. Thank you!

  3. I purchased your pattern, but I cannot figure out what font type you used in order to fill in my child’s name. Help?! Please.

    • Hi Faith!

      Sorry you’re having trouble finding the font. It is the “Cricut Alphabet” font but in the “handwriting style.” I’ve attached an image of the design panel for text to help you find the right one!

      Hope that helps!

  4. Hi,

    I just used the file from cricut for the pencil arrow valentines.
    Love this but can’t figure out how to print the words on the
    arrow itself. How do you do that?


  5. Do I have to highlight each letter, pick the pen I’m using? Then click write?
    Do I attach the words separately from the arrow? How do I add
    my name?
    Sorry, I’m not usually this dumb when it comes to stuff like this but I’m NOT getting it. I know how to attach but not sure how
    to attach the words in the arrow.

    • Hi Michelle!

      The font is the “Cricut Alphabet” font but in the “handwriting style.” I’ve attached an image of the design panel for text to help you find the right one!

      Hope that helps!

  6. Every time I try to cut it, it says that it needs to be purchased for $9.94. Everyone who has commrnted has purchased it for $.99.

    • Hi Charlene,

      I have a subscription to the Design Space library, so I am not sure how much each cut file is. $9.94 sounds high so maybe make sure there is nothing else on your cut mat causing the charge (like a font??). Sorry I can’t be of more help but wish you luck with the project!


      • Deleted the font and nothing changed. Only yhr arrow on the mat and charge is still $9.94. My grandson wanted to help me make these. Is there a way for me to purchase this file somewhere?

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