This weekend, we remembered all that was my mother’s life. With family and friends from all chapters of her story here on earth, it was a somber weekend of memories and goodbyes, but also a chance to re-connect with so many wonderful friends and family long not seen. It was a weekend that truly celebrated all that my Mom was to so many people…

I so badly want to write some eloquent words that capture all that Mom meant to me, as well as all the emotions I am feeling in this moment in my life – to create a time capsule of sorts that I can look back on and remember this time. Because while sad and painful, there have also been some lovely moments and huge life lessons learned.

But for me, right now, grief has taken hold in the form of exhaustion, as well as a yearning for some sort of normalcy and routine at the conclusion of a long, difficult and painful four weeks. I’m told that the grief will come on in unexpected ways and at unexpected moments. I will wait for those moments to come rather than force the words to flow right here and right now.

What I can do is leave you with two things for now. The first, is a huge thank you to all of you, my readers, who sent along prayers, well-wishes and some of the loveliest emails I have ever received. Knowing that so many people cared, both people we knew as well as complete strangers, brought immense comfort to me and my family.

Second, I have shared here on the blog before what an amazing crafts-woman my mother was and also how she was a huge source of inspiration to me in my own crafty pursuits. You can read my tribute I wrote for her last Mother’s Day HERE. Last weekend, during the visitation, we displayed a sampling of Mom’s many creations. I modified that blog post into sign that we could display above the tables.

More than ever, we treasure all that Mom has made for us. And also more than ever, I understand the value of working with ones hands and making homemade items that can be held, cherished, and passed-down long after we are gone form this earth.  Crafting is not just a way to keep ourselves busy, it’s a way to leave part of who we are behind for those who love us.

I have some putting-back-together of life to do in the coming days, but I hope to get back into the swing of regular projects and postings here soon. I have lots of ideas and projects for the coming months, and I will continue to share it all with you here. As an avid reader and supporter of my blog, Mom wouldn’t have it any other way.

See You Soon!