As far back as I can remember, I have memories of my Mom making something. Always with knitting needles in her hands making a blanket or sweater or a hat or booties…or hunched over her sewing machine finishing my Halloween costume, Christmas dress, or her next beautiful quilt…or down in her glass workshop making stunning stained-glass tiffany style lamps. And that’s just what I can remember. Our house is filled with amazing paintings and other works of art made even before I was born. There is no doubt that my craftiness and desire to create stem directly from my mom…the most gifted and talented “crafter” I know. She shows her love for her family through the amazing things she makes with her hands…and we are so lucky to be the recipients of such love.

Lately, my Mom’s hands have been giving her a lot of trouble, keeping her from the hobbies she loves. I can’t fix her hands, and I am too far away to cut her quilt blocks out for her…but I thought this was the perfect weekend to celebrate her and her beautiful work. To show and chronicle everything she’s made over the years would be an impossible task. But here is just a small collection of the things my mom has made for me (and my family) that I hold and treasure so dear!

This afghan is a staple in our house, I remember a white one always on the back of the couch, perfect for watching movies!  I think everyone in our family has one, all in different colors. Mom made me this rose one when I went off to college.

Mom is famous in our family for the baby blankets she makes. Each one is made specifically for the new babe, and Mom goes to great care in choosing the colors and patterns. Her “signature” gift is to include a small mini blanket that matches the large blanket, perfect for the stroller and nighttime. The light blue is Henry’s baby blanket, made before he was born. 

The dark blue was a bonus – and our favorite. Just something about the color and texture…

Henry agreed – this is the mini blanket now…he’s had it with him every night since he was 3 months old. It is well loved. Mom calls it is his “bowl of spaghetti”!!

While I have a lot more childhood memories of Mom knitting, her latest passion is quilting – and she is amazing at it. She made the quilt below for Henry’s nursery, using the owl fabric I picked out for the room. I have adored this quilt from the second I opened it, just a few weeks before he arrived…

and it has been proudly displayed in all three rooms Henry has had in his short life so far!

Mom has also made themed baby quilts for a lot of the grandkids in the family. She embroidered all the designs and then quilted it…

My favorite part of the circus train quilt is Henry in the last car!

It sits in the center of our playroom, where we read books, build blocks, assemble puzzles and more!

You’ve already seen some other of my mom’s masterpieces here on the blog! She did this quilt to match my niece’s pink and orange room makeover!

Lots of bright citrus-y colors. A fun project for my Mom to work on and my niece to receive – I know she treasures it!

I’ve already given you some sneak peaks of the most recent quilt my Mom made for me, but I’ve been trying to hold back so I could show it to you today in all its glory. My Mom just made this blue/white/grey star quilt for our family to match our new blue couch and new room color-scheme.

She titled it “Megan’s Stars,” and each square is a State star pattern. The artistry and skill here are just awe-inspiring!

It is quilted with a whimsical star pattern, and the back is done in this awesome white and grey graphic material that I’m in love with!

Such a beauty, isn’t it?!?

Of course there are many, many more items around my house (and in my Mom’s and siblings’ houses) that have come from my Mom’s gifted hands…these are the ones that surround us the most here and now and everyday.

What I am most thankful for is that these items have become part of our family landscape, and precious memories are made in, on and around them every day… 

The day Henry came home from the hospital…

Keeping warm on cold winter days…

All wrapped up and keeping cozy in Gramma’s love…

I love you Mom, Happy Mother’s Day!

See You Soon!