As I mentioned last week, I’ve found some time in my “project schedule” lately to finally turn toward some smaller DIY/organizational projects that have long been on the To-Do List, but have been bumped and bumped due to bigger, more time-consuming endeavors. One of these smaller projects has been to tackle our media situation under our Media Cabinet. I showed you how I organized our DVDs into alphabetical categories in totes, and promised I had another project up my sleeve to organize our larger DVD sets and gaming accessories. I’m popping in today to show you just what I did!

Under the Media Hutch-010

Both because of budget and clutter, I have really taken to “shopping my home” lately. Over the past year, I’ve found myself running out to the store for new accessories/supplies for some project and then turning around and donating something similar out of our “stash” because I can’t handle the clutter. As such, I’ve been trying to analyze every item in our attic, storage and craft room to see what I can up-cycle rather than run right out to the store.  More often than not, I’m pretty successful. This makes me crazy excited because it’s a win, win, win: I don’t spend any money, I get something OUT of our storage and into use, AND I get a project to work on.

When I needed boxes to store our Wii games and accessories as well as some of our larger DVD collections, my first stop was Target (okay, so maybe our our attic isn’t always my first stop 😉 I came home with some nice large bins that would have worked just fine. Before I threw the receipt away, I visited my box collection in the attic to see if I had anything that would work. Loe and behold, I found these (awful) purple storage boxes. I bought them for something long, long ago and they never got used. The colors and style were all wrong; but functionally, they were EXACTLY what I needed. The size and shape were more than perfect – they just needed a little makeover. The baskets from Target went back to the store, and I went to work. Here’s how I did:

Under the Media Hutch-011

Under the Media Hutch-012

Just a few hours and some supplies from around the house, and these boxes went from trash to treasure. The outsides might be a tad boring, but WOWZA, look at the inside!

Under the Media Hutch-015

These boxes are the run-of-the-mill cardboard/paper boxes you can find in endless shapes, sizes, and patterns at stores like Michaels and Marshalls. I had success painting similar boxes in the past, so I knew some paint would be my easiest and fastest way to change their look!

Under the Media Hutch-013

I started by priming just the outside surfaces of the box with primer and a throw-away foam roller. I then gave the outside bottoms of the boxes two coats of white, and the lids two coats of the lime yellow. All of these paints were out in my garage leftover from various projects (Pssst – are you wondering why I didn’t just cover the boxes with scrapbook paper or contact paper? I’ve found that contact paper is too thin and the pattern often shows through. Also, these boxes featured some awkward seams that would have made wrapping it much more difficult than painting it!)

Under the Media Hutch-018

Once the outsides were fully dry, I went to work on the insides!

Under the Media Hutch-014

Way back when, I bought about 4 rolls of this Macbeth Shelf Liner at Marshalls and have been slowly working my way through all the rolls. You’ve seen it HERE, HERE, and HERE. I have found that measuring, cutting, and papering the vertical sides first, followed by the horizontal flat surfaces is the best way to go. Once fully papered, I used ModPodge on ALL of the seams where the contact paper meets more paper or the edges of the box. Once dry, it feels smooth and permanent, like it was always there! (Pssst – I also went back and used the ModPodge on all the painted surfaces on the outside of the box for extra durability, especially at the seams and edges!)

Under the Media Hutch-016

After just a couple hours of work and using only items I had in my house, I had two perfectly matching and coordinating boxes to use for our media storage! (In the spirit of full disclosure: because these boxes have lids that “fold/flip” open and shut, the seem where the lids bend did experience some cracking in the paint. However, I’ve had no issues on the flat surfaces of any of the boxes I’ve painted!)

Under the Media Hutch-017

The smaller of the two was loaded up with our Wii games and accessories.

Under the Media Hutch-019

The larger box holds all of our DVD sets perfectly. I usually ensure I have room to grow in our storage solutions, and as you can see here, there is no room to grow in this box. We actually don’t buy many DVD sets anymore since 1) they are way too expensive, and 2) almost anything is available online these days. This box holds what we own and will (hopefully!) deter us from buying anything we don’t need!

Under the Media Hutch-020

The two boxes slide in oh-so-perfectly under our Media Cabinet for easy access!

Under the Media Hutch-021

I have a few more little projects for this cabinet up my sleeve. In case you missed it, here’s how I organized the rest of our DVD collection:

Under the Media Hutch-001

Oh – and I mentioned that I have painted and papered boxes before. Here’s another example of how tI did a similar makeover for our Laundry Room.

Laundry Room Makeover-047

This project was such a fun way to fill a weekend, solve a storage problem, AND get something out of our attic. I hope I’ve inspired you to look at the items in your home with some new eyes!

Under the Media Hutch-022

Next week, I’ll give you a final glimpse on how our media cabinet storage has turned out. This weekend, I’ve been struck with some major inspiration for our home office, so I am back to working hard in there! Hopefully I’ll have an update for you soon! Have a good weekend!


See You Soon!