As the year marches on, we keep marching through The Family HUB, adding section after section of worksheets, all designed to help you compile your important family, home, and life information so that you can easily access it whenever needed. This month’s additions include Part 7: Pets and Part 8: Contacts. While the Contacts section is a basic set of pages to help you manually log the contact information of family members, friends, technicians, contractors and more, the Pet Care Printables are some of the most requested worksheets ever. Let me show you these newest pages in detail!

Pet Care Printables

What is The Family HUB?

Back in January, I introduced my latest comprehensive printable system: The Family HUB – the ultimate, customizable home management system that can help you track every detail of your life and home. This printable kit (which by year’s end will include worksheets and trackers for pretty much every area of your life) was born out of your requests for a pretty, simple and complete home management binder.

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, I’ve gotten a few emails asking if I have a family “emergency binder” in The Toolbox. Yes…The Family HUB! While I don’t necessarily call it an “emergency binder,” that’s exactly what it is…a complete compilation of all your important family/home information that can easily be grabbed as you’re evacuating, sheltering-in-place, etc.

If you’re realizing that you don’t have your family info in a concise, easy-to-grab system, this might be a great time to join in on The Family HUB project! This month’s downloads feature all sorts of printables for logging everything about your pets, as well as a paper “address book” of sorts. Let’s dive into the details of these newest pages!

Part 7 | Pet Care

The yellow section of The Family HUB is dedicated to your pets. You all have asked and asked for pet care printables, and I am so thrilled to finally get these into your hands. These 20 pages (also available in black-and-white) include a comprehensive Pet Profile, as well as Vaccine, Medication, Grooming and Appointment trackers and more!

Pet Care Printables

PET PROFILE. The main component of the pet care printables is the Pet Profile. This four-page spread provides places for you to log all your pet’s important details (date of birth, date of adoption, weight, breed, etc), as well as Food, Exercise, Usual Schedule, Microchip Information, Likes/Dislikes, Litter Information, Usual Behaviors, Pet Insurance, Medical History, Medications and important contacts (such as the Vet, Groomer, Sitter, etc). Whether you have one pet or many, these pages will work for you! Just print out a complete set for each pet!

Pet Care Printables

In addition to the Pet Profile, this kit also contains trackers for logging specific information in more detail, specifically…

VACCINE RECORDS. The most requested aspect of this kit was a way to track latest/needed vaccines and shots. Two different trackers are available, both of which are editable.

Pet Care Printables

MEDICATION LOG AND SCHEDULE. Whether you just need a list to keep track of the various medications administered in your house or would prefer a schedule to keep better tabs on what is given when, this kit features both options.

Pet Care Printables

APPOINTMENT RECORD. This basic two-page spread helps you keep track of various pet appointments, including the Date, Location, Reason for Visit, Diagnosis, Treatment, Follow-Up and Notes.

GROOMING RECORD. Featuring the same layout as the Appointment Record, this log helps you record what is done to your pet and when so you can easily refer back as needed.

Pet Care Printables

PET EXPENSES. This two-page spreadsheet has customizable fields so you can tailor it for the exact pet expenses you incur. Tally them up year-by-year to see how much you’re spending on your furry (or scaly or slithery) family members.

PET CARE. Getting ready to leave your pets with a boarder or sitter? This two-page spread plus editable weekly schedule gives you a place to jot down Foods, Favorites, Emergency Contacts, and more!

Pet Care Printables

PET CONTACTS. Want to keep all your pet-related contacts in a single, easy-to-find place? This two page spread has spots to record names, numbers, websites and hours for the Vet, Microchip, Insurance, Grooming, Boarding, Pet Hospital, Pet ER, and Sitter.

I don’t have a pet…and have actually never had one…so I polled Toolbox members in our private Facebook group for what they really needed from the pet care printables. I’m pretty sure I satisfied all the requests in this single, super efficient, long-awaited and much-anticipated kit!

Part 8 | Contacts

I suspect you, like me, store your contacts in your mobile device or on a computer. And how often have you joked that you wouldn’t be able to call anyone in a true emergency because you don’t know numbers by heart. If this crisis has taught us anything…it’s that anything can happen…and being able to contact anyone at anytime is paramount for safety and security (as well as if you just want to send a piece of snail mail!). To give you a clean and concise place to manually log all your contacts, the orange-coded Contacts section has lots of different options!

ALPHABET ORGANIZATION. There is a single contacts sheet for each letter of the alphabet if you’d like to organize your contacts alphabetically. Whenever you run out of space, just run off another sheet of the letter you need!

CONTACT TYPE ORGANIZATION. If you want to have all your contacts in one spot but would prefer to organize them by type, there are also pages for Family, Friends, Contractors & Technicians, Medical Providers, Self Care Services, Pet Contacts, and more. A blank-titled page is also included for you to create your own specific categories.

SECTION ORGANIZATION. I realized some of you might prefer to have contacts organized within The Family HUB categories themselves. So that home contacts could go in the Home tab, and emergency contacts could go in the Emergency tab, I’ve also created a Contact sheet for each section/color in the entire Family HUB!

With these three options available to you, hopefully you will be able to record your contacts in a way that works best for you and your family!

Get These Kits!

Parts 7 (Contacts) and 8 (Pets) of The Family HUB system are now available for download from The Organization Toolbox! Click HERE to shop or learn more!

I have long wanted to get pet care printables into The Organization Toolbox, but not having a pet myself, I was really at a loss. Thank you so much to all The Toolbox members who weighed in and guided these printable pages. I hope they are exactly what you need!

Finally, thanks for bearing with me the last few weeks as I took some time off to adjust to this new (crazy) life, take care of some backend maintenance, and get ahead on a few projects. I’ve got a lot of really, really great projects coming your way this month, but first, I’ll be back on Friday with my monthly Coffee Break check in! See you then!

The Family HUB

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