This year, I hosted Thanksgiving for the very first time ever…for my entire family!  While most people spent the last few weeks pouring over recipes and making grocery lists in preparation for the big day, I instead was collecting and executing projects for a spectacular tablescape.
The inspiration for my table theme came from other projects I’ve recently completed around the house; namely, my curtain valence, my pumpkin, and my cozy fall wreath!
To start, I used my leftover curtain panel from here to make the placemats.  I set a sample place setting, and cut out as many rectangles as I could using a pinking sheers.
I was inspired by this post to make these uber-cute napkins.  I started with store-bought napkins in orange, ivory, apple green, and sage green; and trimmed them up with green, yellow, ivory, and orange ric-rac!  These took forever (I was literally sewing napkins on Wednesday night!) but they were totally worth it!  I got so many compliments – even from the kiddos!
For the tablecloths, I layered plain, store-bought, ivory table clothes with sheer overlays that I made using fabric I bought on sale at  This 118″ fabric sheer was on sale and included my three colors – sold!  I bought 5 yards and was able to make 4 long tablecloths.  I finished them with a rolled hem on the surger.
I layered the ivory tablecloths with the sheers and placemats. I then used 4 colors of fiesta-ware plates (yellow, lemon grass, ivory, and orange) and the napkins on top.
I created menu place cards using My Design Studio software (by Stampin Up!) and this idea for inspiration.  I simply selected “papers” to match my decor scheme, typed up the menu, printed them on glossy photo paper, and mounted them to brown cardstock.
The table center pieces were the most fun to make!  I had seen the use of split peas and other lentils as decoration on many other blogs and knew I wanted to do the same thing for my Thanksgiving table.  However, I also wanted to incorporate some glitzy pumpkins for a punch of glamor and sparkle!  I bought green and yellow split peas, red lentils, and white navy beans; a bunch of fake gourds that I sprayed with glitter spray paint; and tons of vases from the Dollar Store!  I put my nieces and nephews to work and ended up with the most fantastic table displays.  I also filled small vases with brown rice to hold up ivory taper candles.
The final product really exceeding my expectations!  It was classy, colorful, and clutter-free, but had a major WOW factor!
And at the end of the day, my entire family sat down around one spectacular table for the first time in years!
The food was passed, memories were shared, tears were shed, and laughter rolled…
And although the table was indeed spectacular, these faces were so much more so!
And for that, I am truly thankful!
See You Soon!