One of the best parts of hosting the Thanksgiving festivities is that you get to prepare all your favorite recipes and cut the turkey exactly as you like it! But with so many things to do and cook this holiday season, it can be easy to forget about the table decor until the very last minute. But I’ve got you! My Thanksgiving Printable Pack is full of ready-to-print Thanksgiving Place Cards, Menu Cards, Thankful Cards, and more. Get ready to pull together the ultimate Thanksgiving table in a snap…all with a pack of paper and your home printer!

Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards

Materials & Supplies

The Thanksgiving Printable Pack

All the Thanksgiving table decor projects featured in this post are made with templates and patterns from the Thanksgiving Printable Pack, a collection of 85+ ready-to-print pages to help you plan for and decorate the ultimate Thanksgiving feast! Click HERE to learn more about this bundle or download it right away below!

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Other Recommended Supplies

Video Tutorial

Full step-by-step photo tutorials of all the Thanksgiving table projects are included in this post. But to see these Thanksgiving pages come to life, watch the video tutorials below! (Not loading for you? You can watch it HERE!)

DIY Thanksgiving Place Card Ideas

Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards Templates

Idea 1: Name Only Place Cards

These simple and modern Thanksgiving Place Cards couldn’t be any easier!

  • Download the LillyMae font to your computer.
  • Open the Place Card Template using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Type your guests’ names into the editable text fields. The fonts will pre-size and pre-color for you.
  • Print the Place Cards page onto sturdy cardstock or heavy-weight white paper.

Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards shown 8 per page shown with Fall patterned paper.

Slice along the grey lines to have these DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards ready in mere minutes!

Red, green, blue, and orange Thanksgiving Place Cards

BONUS TIP! Use this same Place Card page to make food labels for your Thanksgiving buffet! Instead of guest names, type in each food you’re serving. Print and cut just as shown above, and then secure each one onto a serving dish with a clothespin or label holder!

Idea 2: Menu Place Cards

Take your Thanksgiving Place Cards up a notch by using the Menu Place Cards Template alongside some of the printable patterns.

Menu-style Thanksgiving Place Cards doe in orange and yellow, shown with paper leaves.

  • Download the LillyMae font to your computer.
  • Open the Menu Place Cards Template using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Type in your guests’ names, as well as whatever menu you are serving. All text on this page will print in black.

Menu-style Thanksgiving place cards (un-cut) shown with patterned papers

Slice down some patterned paper (4.5″ tall), matching solid cardstock (3″ tall), and the printed Menu Template (2.75″ tall) into 6″ wide rectangles.

Trimmed Menu Place Cards shown with orange, green, blue, and yellow papers.

Center and layer all 3 elements together with your favorite craft adhesive.

Menu-style Thanksgiving Place Cards shown in yellow, green, orange, and blue.

Whether you mix-and-match all 6 colors or stick to a more cohesive palette, these pages allow you to make really chic and unique menu cards for every place setting quickly and easily!

Menu-style Thanksgiving Place Cards shown in blue.

Idea 3: Menu Card + Napkin Ring

Another option is to pair the Menu Place Cards Template with patterned paper to make an all-in-one napkin ring combination! Instead of cutting the patterned paper down into 6″ rectangles (as shown above), keep it in longer, wider strips that can bend around a folded napkin.

Printed Thanksgiving place card with menu

Idea 4: DIY Thankful Cards

If you don’t want to fuss with place markers, Thankful Cards are another sweet element to put at each place setting. Pair a printable Thankful Card with a pencil and encourage guests to reflect before the big meal. (This also makes for cute and easy party favors!)

Orange printed Thankful Card for Thanksgiving Table

To make these Thankful Cards as shown:

Thankful Cards, printed but not cut, with assorted scrapbook papers.

Scrapbook papers shown with corner punch.

Then simply slider a Thankful Card right in to each corner…it will hold without any tape or adhesive!

Orange, Green, Red, and Blue Printable Thankful Cards

Place one on each plate or pass them around in a basket to encourage friends, family, and kids reflect on the “reason for the season”!

Cream dishes shown with red Thankful Card and red leaf Thanksgiving Place Card.

Other Printable Projects for Your Thanksgiving Table

These festive printable patterns really provide so many options to enhance your Thanksgiving decor beyond just place cards! Since everything mixes, matches, and coordinates, you can have a gorgeous looking table with minimal effort!

Printable Thanksgiving Patterns Printable Thanksgiving Patterns

Printable Thanksgiving Placemats

To make your own Thanksgiving Placemats:

  • Print 2 sheets of the exact same pattern.
  • Slice off the long white edge on one of the pages.
  • Place a line of adhesive on the underside of the trimmed edge.
  • Layer the cut edge over the other page, matching up the pattern repeat.

Printed Thanksgiving placemats with paper napkin rings.

TIP! Laminate the placemats with extra-large laminating sheets or self-laminating sheets to make the placemats waterproof…especially for the kids’ table or backyard celebrations!

Printable Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

To make your own Thanksgiving Napkin Rings:

  • Print out your preferred pattern(s) onto white printer paper or cardstock.
  • Use a paper trimmer to slice the page down into 1.5 x 6″ strips.
  • Place adhesive along one edge of the strips.
  • Roll the strip into a coil with a 1-1.5″ girth (depending on how heavy of napkins you’ll be using.)

TIP! Decorate the napkin ring with coordinating printable stickers, metallic ribbon, or other decorative elements!

Thanksgiving placemats, napkin rings, and labels made with paper.

If you want to show off more pattern at your place setting, cut the paper into wider strips. Instead of rolling up the napkins and rings, bend the longer strips around folded napkins. With more surface area exposed, this is a great place to add a glitter monogram or letter stickers!

Printable Thanksgiving napkin ring around beige napkin.

Table Confetti

The patterned pages can also be used to cut some “table confetti” in your favorite Fall shapes such as acorns, leaves, pumpkins, and feathers. Use a punch or your favorite electronic cutting machine (such as a Cricut or Silhouette) to cut out the shapes. You can then scatter them across the table…

A variety of Fall leaves cut from patterned scrap book paper.

…or even use the shapes to make quick place cards with a Metallic Sharpie!

Cream dishes shown with red Thankful Card and red leaf Thanksgiving Place Card.

Endless Possibilities!

Don’t stop with just your Thanksgiving table! Treat these patterned printable pages just like a pack of scrapbook paper and use them to make banners, centerpieces, invitations, and other finishing touches for all over your buffet, table, front door, mantel, and more!

A variety of Fall leaves and banner cut from patterned scrap book paper.

With so many different Fall-themed patterns and colors featured in this Thanksgiving Printable Pack, the options for creating a beautiful Thanksgiving table this November really are endless! I can’t wait to see the festive creations they help you bring to life!

See You Soon!