On Monday, I showed you our newly organized Linen Closet, with the promise that I would have a printable version of the luggage tag labels for you later on in the week. Well, here I am, ready to deliver on that promise!

The luggage tags, with printed labels inserted in the clear pockets, are a fun way to label baskets with handles. Not only do they get the job done of describing the contents inside, but add a fun graphic dose of color on plain white baskets!

If you’ve been coming around here for a while, or have been following along pretty closely over the last few weeks, then you know the luggage tags themselves were originally made to label our playroom baskets. You can find the tutorial for sewing up your own set of luggage tags right HERE!

When I moved the luggage tags from the playroom to the Linen Closet, all I had to do was design and  print out new labels that fit the same clear vinyl pockets! I have assembled a printable packet for you that includes a bunch of linen closet-related labels, as well as a blank sheet of labels for you to add text as you need. If you’re curious, the font I used was Return to Sender 🙂 Oh – and I included the luggage tag pattern for easy access!


I love that I was able to put these labels back to good use after our playroom makeover. They were a good bit of work and have survived the “toddler durability test,” so I am glad to find them a new home!

Thanks to all of you who left sweet comments on my Linen Closet makeover! I am excited to have another space in the home finished and off the list! Lately, I’ve actually been wrapping up finishing details in space after space. I finally (after over a year!) got our hallway/guest bathroom finished – I’ll show you the details on Monday! Have a great weekend!


See You Soon!