You guys! I am so excited for today’s post!

I applied wallpaper to our you get to see how easily it came down! Follow the link to see the wallpaper removal in action!

How many of you remember when I applied wallpaper to our rental last Fall?

Renter Friendly Wallpaper Installation

The effect was certainly dramatic and eye-popping in my home office…

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Raise your hand if you seriously doubted the wallpaper would come off as easily and cleanly as I promised?

How many of you wanted to try it but have been waiting to see if it really was a true, renter-friendly solution?

Who is convinced I spent hours and hours removing wallpaper in an effort to return our walls to the original condition we found them?

Well…watch my very first video here on the blog (eeeeek!) to see for yourself!


I kid you not, all the wallpaper in my office was down in about 5 minutes. There was NO residue or paper left on the walls; and each and every sheet peeled off in perfect form. In fact, I rolled it all up and have every intention of using it again!

This wallpaper project goes down as one of my most successful renter-friendly DIYs ever. In fact, I’m so smitten with this technique for changing up walls without using paint, that I just might use it in every room and every home from now on! #kiddingnotkidding

Whether you are a renter or not but have been craving the look of wallpaper in your space, I now can recommend with confidence that you give THIS method a try! (However, pretty please test a small piece on your walls before doing a full installation!) There are a lot of great wallpaper companies out there to find awesome patterns! From modern to traditional and across a variety of price points and colors, you will be sure to find something that works in your home!

I’m going to do a full “Hit and Miss” post of all my renter-friendly wall projects in a few weeks, but I couldn’t wait to show you how well this one turned out since I know there’s been so much interest! If you do give it a try, be sure to let me know!

Have a great weekend everyone! See you back here next week!

See You Soon!