Need a fun, easy, and convenient way to store headbands?!? My niece sure did! So when I found this idea on Pinterest, I knew it was going to be one of our room makeover projects!

Believe it or not, this headband holder is made from an oatmeal container! Genius, I know! Unfortunately, I can’t take any credit whatsoever for this great idea! But you can find my inspiration and the full tutorial here! I just wanted to pass it along to you since it’s such a great idea!!

To tie it into the room’s decor scheme, we simply wrapped it in coordinating fabric and ribbon, adhering everything with glue. For the top, we stuffed some contrasting fabric with cotton “fluff” and secured the fabric under the lid of the oatmeal container. 
Last but not least, we cut out 4-petal flowers in three graduated sizes and secured them all with a straight pin right into the fluffy top. A hot-glued pink bead adds a little dazzle!

Fortunately or unfortunately (however you see it!), this is the last project from my niece’s bedroom makeover! It’s been really fun to show you all the projects and ideas in this room! If you missed any of them, you can read them all here!

 Be sure to come back and see me Friday – some things are a’changin’ ’round here!!! Until then! Have a good one!

See You Soon!