Before I jump into today’s post, I have to tell you that I’m fully aware that most of blogland is currently posting Halloween ideas, autumn recipes, and Fall style home tours…yet here I am posting a very Spring/Summer deck makeover. (Timing is NOT my strong suit!) Here’s the thing: I am STILL in setup/move in mode, trying to figure out where everything goes and how we are going to use each space…and the idea of changing out my decor for Fall and pulling out MORE stuff just isn’t appealing right now. So while this post is indeed quite poorly timed, I am just too excited about all the improvements we’ve made to our outdoor spaces to wait until next Spring to show you…so here it is…our end-of-season deck makeover!

End of Season Deck Makeover

One of the main reasons we were SO excited about this house when we were first looking at it online last Spring was the large, fenced-in backyard and spacious deck. When we arrived at the house over the summer however, we were a bit bummed to discover that the backyard shares a fence with three other neighbors (meaning we can see right into everyone else’s yards and they can see in ours’) and the back receives FULL glaring sun from about 11:30am through sunset. Between the lack of privacy, direct sun, and unrelenting hot temperatures, we didn’t go out back at all over the summer months. After a lot of discussions, we ultimately decided not to buy/do anything for the deck/patio space because we just didn’t see ourselves using it for the year. #famouslastwords

Outside space before

But then the temperatures slowly started to break, we started hosting groups of friends more and more, and noticed end-of-season sales for outdoor items popping up everywhere.  It felt like such a shame to waste this fantastic space for the year, and figured, if we were going to do anything at all, we needed to do it now while the temps are still warm enough to enjoy it. So I researched and shopped some end-of-season sales to find exactly what we’d need to make this space function…and in a single weekend, we transformed our deck and patio spaces into places we now love to hang out in!

Here’s the new view walking out from our kitchen/dining room…

Preppy Deck Makeover

The biggest priority was some sort of sun protection. A table with an umbrella was not going to be sufficient for the length and intensity of sunshine we get out here. After lots and lots of online researching and review reading, we settled on this quite affordable canopy from Wayfair. It provides a great amount of shade during most of the day, was easy to put together, fits the space perfectly, and looks clean and classic. About 1 month in, we really couldn’t be more pleased with it! We also added some clearance outdoor curtain panels ($11 each!) to just one side to provide coverage when the sun starts to go down, as well as some privacy from our neighbors. Plus they were blue and white stripes, so of course I had to incorporate them 😉

Pretty & Preppy Deck Makeover

We’ve never had an outdoor space in any of our previous houses, so we’ve never had or needed a patio table. After looking at prices and options all summer long, we just didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a patio set (especially when we have no idea where we will be this time next year!). When I found this classic, black iron 6-seater rectangle table for $230, we decided to go for it! It fits the deck perfectly, is sturdy and simple, and the chairs stack if/when necessary! I really want cushions, but the end-of-season options haven’t been good, so those will wait until next spring.

Patio set

I inherited a lot of outdoor dining-ware and accessories from my parents during all the down-sizing last year, and I love that we now have a great place to use it all.

Tabletop accessories

Tabletop accessories

Tabletop accessories

We have eaten dinner out here almost every night since setting it all up…I’m so glad we decided to go for it!

Pretty & Preppy Deck Makeover

The deck is double the standard size for the neighborhood, which is one of the reasons we wanted to take advantage of it. Even with the canopy and table up, we still had ample space for our grill and a buffet table I found in the clearance section of a local store. Now we can truly grill and entertain in style, with a perfect place to setup food, drinks and other necessities!

Beverage Station

The white buffet table is made of ‘polywood,’ the super durable, weatherproof outdoor material that our turquoise chairs are made of. When I found it for $150 (a phenomenal deal!), I knew it was a steel and also knew we’d be able to use it in a variety of ways. When I realized how much space we had on the deck, I was so glad I grabbed it. It really is the perfect spot for my herb garden and other outdoor items.

Beverage Station

With the table in place, our blue star and pots from the last house finally had a proper and logical place!

Beverage Station

(All of my Mom’s outdoor stuff sure is nice to have now!)

Beverage Station

Beverage Station


Drink station

We didn’t have a good spot to keep some of Henry’s outdoor/lawn toys out back. Then I discovered our old blue toy bin fit in the console table, and now all of Henry’s toys are accessible and easy to put away. I love finally finding homes for all these things that have been laying all over the garage and backyard for the last few months!

Outdoor buffet table

The deck surface was in pretty rough shape, and none of us really liked to walk on it, especially Henry. It seemed a shame to put in all this effort, if it remained too difficult to go out on. We were thinking about getting an outdoor rug when Greg jokingly threw out the idea of astroturf. Having seen Kristin pull it off splendidly, I decided to go price it out at our local Home Depot. Admittedly, we didn’t get the really nice stuff, but still I was pleasantly surprised when we could get a huge 12×15′ cut for less than $100! Having the astroturf on the surface of the deck has truly been a game changer. Not only do I not mind the vibrant punch of green it provides, but now we can all walk out here without shoes on. We have essentially extended our living space, and boy do we love it!

Deck Makeover

All of the plants were purchased end-of-season too. Not sure how much longer they will last, but the nursery was closing down for the season, the prices were ridiculously good AND my pots looked so sad empty. Our temps haven’t quite broken yet, so I’m glad I added a nice punch of fresh green around the spaces when I did.

Here’s a quick view from the lower patio…

Outdoor space after

Speaking of the lower patio, we have a nice large slab that is a great size for playing and entertaining. For now, our blue polywood chairs and a few more plants are down there. Perfect for hanging out and chatting while kiddos play closeby!

Lower patio

I have been so pleasantly surprised how much we use this outdoor space now. Even though we said we couldn’t justify the cost for just a year, we feel like we made some really smart purchases that will (hopefully) work in our next home too. By waiting for end-of-season sales and using a ton of outdoor accessories we already had, we were able to create a fun and fresh outdoor space that truly reflects our taste and lifestyle!

Here’s a list of sources for everything I can remember!


I’d love to know what you think! Would you have given this space an update for just a year? What elements are your favorite? Anything else we should consider adding?

Pretty & Preppy Deck Makeover

If you’re looking for me, I just might be out here…it is pretty much my favorite spot in the “house” right now! See you back here Friday, friends!

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