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A month or so ago, I shared this tutorial for these amazingly simple but oh-so-effective 3D Paper
Wall Flowers over at Positively Splendid. Just in case you didn’t pop over there for the how-do details, I wanted to have them here for you!

These are so quick and easy to make, I promise you’ll be
looking around your home for places to put them! Ready to see how easy they are?

Here is what you need to make your own:

Here’s how they go together.

1) Cut
out your flowers
.  Using
either a die-cut machine or the template below, cut TWO flat flowers (same
size) for each 3D flower you want to make. In the picture above, the two pink
flowers will be for one 3D flower, and the two orange flowers will be for
another 3D flower. Make the flowers any size you want! (To cut my flowers, I
selected the four-petaled flower on the Home
Accents cartridge for my Cricut
; I then used the Gypsy
to alter the image slightly to allow for one continuous cut. The flowers pictured
here are 5” for the pink and 2” for the orange. For the wall, I also made 8”

If you don’t have a die-cut machine, here is a template you can print out, trace, and use over and over again!

2) Score your flower. Using either a
scoring tool or a ruler with a knitting needle or letter opener, score a center
line down the middle of ONE of the flowers. Rotate the flower 90 degrees, and
score a center line again. See the template above for clarification.

You should end up with a scored
“X” on one of your flowers.

Note – If you find that you have
difficulty in step #4, you can also score the diagonals to make folding more
precise. However, I found this an unnecessary step.

3) Fold the flower. Fold your flower in
half along the scored line, then UNFOLD the flower. Next, fold the flower along
the OTHER scored line, and unfold once more. You will be left with the
beginnings of a 3D flower.

4) Pinch the flower. Using the scored
lines and already folded creases, now pinch the flower so that all the inner
corners meet in the middle, and the tips of the flowers are pointing

NOTE – there is a right and wrong way to do
this! If you fold the wrong edges together it will look like the image on the
left (below). Check and make sure your flower looks like the image on the right

You now have one folded flower and one flat flower.

5) Glue the flower. Place a large glob
of hot glue in the center of the flat flower. Place the folded flower’s point
in the glue, and hold until glue cools and sets.

Repeat and have fun with different colors, patterns, and

6) Embellish the flower. I thought the
centers of the flowers looked plain, so I added a simple rhinestone to the
center of each one. Boy, do these make all the difference!

Now that your flowers are done, you can apply them to a wall
using tape or some other wall-safe adhesive.

One more thing…If you don’t have a wall to put these
flowers on, don’t despair! They can be used on other things too…

Think about adding them to gift boxes or bags, as placecards
on tables, to hold m&m’s or jelly beans on a summer tablescape, and so much

Have a great day!

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