The Ultimate Garage Sale Prep Kit (a FREE printable!)

Where oh where did the last 12 weeks go?!? It seems like just a few days ago that I was announcing the beginning of my Organization Toolbox project…yet 12 weeks have indeed passed, and it’s now time for our final printable in this series! While I’ve created a lot of great products over the past few months, I just may have saved the best for last: this week’s free printable is the Ultimate Garage Sale Prep Kit!

A 25-page printable including all the checklists, signs, and price tags you need to hold a successful garage sale!

Around this time every year, I get the itch to purge and hold a big yard sale. The itch is certainly stronger in the years we have a move coming up…but there is just something about the warmer weather and brighter sunshine that makes me crave a lighter house! Between helping my father downsize after my mother’s death and dealing with our own accumulation of junk, I’ve held close to 10 yard sales just in the last few years! Not only have I been able to get rid of A LOT of stuff (and make some decent money!), but I’ve learned a thing or two about holding a really successful and profitable yard sale! I shared all my secrets in THIS post a few years ago. As I read back through it, I still believe in so many of those tips so be sure to check them out. While I share a lot of details in that post about the logistics of holding a yard sale, I didn’t share a lot about how to prepare for one. That’s where today’s post comes in! Today, we’re diving into the prep work required to hold an awesome garage sale…and of course I’m providing pretty printables to help you through it!

The Ultimate Garage Sale Prep Kit

You guys…I had SO much fun putting all my yard sale knowledge and experience into a pretty, cohesive and complete kit for you guys! From an ultimate checklist and a sorting worksheet to sorting signs and printable price tags, I have you covered from beginning to end!

Garage Sale Planning Checklist, Sorting Worksheet, an Online Selling Tracker Printable Sorting Signs and Category Signs

If you would like your own copy of this Ultimate Garage Sale Prep Kit, I have it available for download over in The Organization Toolbox right now! Hop on over and grab your copy, then come back to see how to use each sheet!

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The key to any successful and profitable yard sale is planning and preparation. Especially if you have a lot of stuff to sell! If you keep your clutter under control, a quick walk around the house the night before may be sufficient. But if you have serious clutter to tackle, are undertaking a major down-sizing, or have a lot of high-quality items that need to go…then you need to plan and prepare ahead of time!

The Ultimate Garage Sale Prep Kit

The amount of time you need to de-clutter, sort, price and setup is certainly dependent on how much stuff you are selling. To keep things easy, I devised a relatively simple timeframe that starts about 4 weeks out from your sale date. While I tried to include everything I could think of, please use this checklist as a guide for your own home and timeframe!

Printable Garage Sale Checklist ensures your sale's success!

One of the very first tasks on the Garage Sale Checklist is to “identify items to sell.” For some of us, that is an easy task. In fact, I can look around my office and easily see a handful of things that can be sold at our next sale. However, others have difficulty determining what to keep and what to toss, so I made a handy worksheet to help you through the process!

This sorting worksheet helps you decide what to keep and what to toss!

Beyond just figuring out what to keep and toss, I also provide some recommendations for determining what to sell, trash and donate and include some helpful tips and reminders as well!

This sorting worksheet helps you decide what to keep and what to toss!


As you work your way through your house, piles for TRASH | DONATE | SELL and PUT AWAY will most likely start growing. Whether you choose to use boxes or simply make piles, I’ve provided you with some pretty signs to help keep everything sorted just right!

Printable Sorting Signs to help you get ready for your next garage sale!

It has been my experience that certain things sell better online than in yard sales (I detail more in THIS post and on the Clean Out Worksheet in this kit). To help you keep track of what you have posted, where and for how much, this kit also includes a simple spreadsheet for online selling!

Printable Online Selling Tracker


I’m not going to go into the logistics of setting up and running a yard sale (that’s all covered HERE!), but on sale day, it’s helpful to have a few resources printed out and ready to go to make the day run a little smoother! If you have a lot of stuff to sell, using category signs will not only help you setup in a more efficient and logical way, but will also help out your shoppers who may be looking for something specific.

I am also a firm believer in pricing every single item you are selling. In fact, I wrote a whole post about garage sale pricing! While I did include my printable price tags in this kit for easy reference, be sure to see this post to see how to print and cut them!

Printable Garage Sale Category Signs help keep your items organized on selling day!

All in all, this 25-page kit should give you most everything you need to hold a very successful yard sale! If I wasn’t already hankering to get our clutter under control, designing this kit has certainly spurred me into action!

A 25-page printable including all the checklists, signs, and price tags you need to hold a successful garage sale!

The Organization Toolbox

The Organization Toolbox | 100+ FREE Printable Pages to Help Organize Your Life & Home

I’m spending the first 12 Tuesdays of 2016 filling up my new Organization Toolbox with small organizing projects and helpful printables! If you missed other posts in this series, catch up here:

So Tell Me: Are you planning a garage sale this Spring? Do you love holding sales as much as I do? Do you have any tried and true tips for your own garage sales? Please share in the comments below!

A 25-page printable including all the checklists, signs, and price tags you need to hold a successful garage sale!

I hope your week is off to a great start! See you back here Thursday with a sweet “little” DIY!

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  1. Wow. You truly did save the best for last. This is awesome. And should I ever decide to hold a garage sale again, this is my first stop. I usually get too lazy and just donate it because I want it out of my house. In fact I have a recliner that needs to go! Thanks for putting so much time into these printables. They have been so useful for me. I wish I lived closer to come and check out one of your yard sales!

  2. Hi Megan
    We haven’t yard sales in France, some people can sell their things in organized ” empty attics”. But I will read every single piece of your printables and the links to your former posts in order to learn a lot once more. But what I will use for sure are the clean out worksheet as I purge a lot at this moment, the labels too. Thanks for such a big work you did in order to share all these lovely tricks with us. Have a nice week. Michèle

  3. I’m so pumped that I found you on Pinterest! I’m planning to have a huge yard sale next weekend and was desperately searching for printables! We’ve cleaned out two large storage rooms so we have loads to sell! I am a new subscriber and would love the password so I can get to printing!! Looking forward to getting started! Thx so much!!

    • Hi Angie!

      I am so glad you found my garage sale kit in time for your sale!!! Were you able to subscribe and get the password?
      If not, you can subscribe to my mailing list to get the password here: The password will be delivered in the final confirmation email; be sure to check your Spam/Trash folders for the emails.

      Make sure you use ALL caps when entering the password! Once you log on you should be able to access the library from here on out without having to log on again!

      The PDFs will open in a new tab when you click on the links.

      Hope that helps and good luck with your sale!

  4. I came to your site to find garage sale ideas and had NO idea there would be a wealth of information, ideas, inspiration for the home … holy cow, so glad Pinterest lead me here. THANK YOU for the Ultimate Garage Sale Prep Kit … it rocks in a big way, feel like we can do this!

  5. Hello! I found the password down in the text of the letter however, when I search the Organizational Tool Box for the Ultimate Garage Sale Prep Kit, it links back to the article and I am not able to find the download. Operator error I’m sure! Thank you for any additional information you may be able to provide!

  6. Hello! I’m am really excited about your site and the garage sale tool kit. I did get a password, it is about midway down the email notice if that helps anyone. The write up about the Ultimate Garage Sale Prep Kit says to go to the tool box and when I do and search for the kit, it just goes back to the blog and I can not find where to download the kit. Puzzled! Operator Error for sure, any chance there is some guidance on how to access the Garage Sale Kit in the Organizational Tool Box? Thank you for your help!

    • Hello Melondee,

      Thanks for all your messages, and I am sorry you are having trouble. When you enter the toolbox, you need to scroll down until you find the image for the Garage Sale Kit. When you click on it, the PDF kit will open in a NEW tab. It is easiest if you do this on a computer rather than a mobile device. I have emailed a screenshot to help you. Please let me know if you experience any more trouble.

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