Are you anything like me? When you are out shopping around for items for your home, you always have to make a quick call to your spouse/significant other/roommate to do some quick measurements in order to make sure something fits? Or…instead of calling, you buy it anyway and end up with a car full of items to return your next trip out? Or…you convince yourself that the curtains you are holding in your hand are the perfect shade of blue to go with your new walls, only to get home and you are WAY off?

Over the past few months, I have done all of these things…repeatedly…I have called for measurements, brought home baskets/shelves that were too big or too small, and am CONSTANTLY returning items. Then it occurred to me that to avoid all these headaches, I should carry around my paint and fabric swatches and measurements so that when I am out and about, I have everything at my fingertips! (I know…”duh”…right?)

Only problem was…this is what I was carrying around in (the bottom of) my purse:

A big ol’ wad of fabric swatches, paint chips and a crumpled piece of paper. I had finally had enough and decided to come up with this! Let me introduce you to my new “Purse Portfolio”

Start by downloading the Purse Portfolio file!


Using MDS, I made a quick little booklet that I could print out, organize, and keep in my purse or diaper bag so that all my swatches, notes, and measurements were in one, clean, neat place! For each room in the house (kitchen, living room, dining room, etc), I made four different cards: Measurements, Shopping List, Projects, and Notes. Each room is color coded. I specifically formatted the document so it could be print double sided (so less cards to cut, sort and carry around!).

Here’s how I put my book together!

  • Print the swatch booklet (PDF download available below) double sided on white card stock.
  • Using a paper cutter, cut out each card.
  • Sort out the cards so that each “room” is together.

Next, using a pinking sheers, cut all your fabrics into 3×6 rectangles (the same size as the printed cards).

 Pull all your paint chips, fabric swatches and other design elements together and put with the appropriate “room” cards.

Here’s all my rooms with all the swatches and samples tucked in behind.

Using a hole punch, punch all your cards, all your fabric swatches (yes…it will work), all your paint chips, and anything else you want in your portfolio.

Because this little portfolio will be taking a lot of flipping and jostling (it will be in a purse after all!), I  reinforced all the holes with clear reinforcement labels.

Next, load all the portfolio elements onto a book ring. At first, I thought the 3″ ring was too big, but then was pleasantly surprised when I could put it around my wrist while I was out shopping and needed to access my info frequently!

The last step is to populate all those pages! Walk around your house with your portfolio and tape measure and jot down every measurement you can think of! Fill in your project to-do list ideas, as well as other notes and shopping items to pick up!

Now…you’re all ready to go shopping!!

If you’d like to make your own Purse Portfolio, please download the free file! Remember, this file is provided for personal use only.

Hope everyone has a GREAT start to their week! I’ll be back later this week with another fun furniture reveal (I told you I’ve been sweat’n it out in the garage lately!).


See You Soon!