It’s Friday – woo hoo!! And it’s the first day of March…and what a fun way to kick off March than by talking about a fantastically green high chair?!?

This chair has a little story that goes something like this: our little guy was content as can be in his baby high chair – you know, the big one with the big tray and the big cushion that gets all crumby and gross? We, the parents, we were happy with it too…until it seemed like overnight we were ALL over it. Tired of the tray, tired of the buckles, tired of vacuuming out crumbs…you get the idea. We were craving a simpler, smaller chair that not only was easier to clean up but also allowed Henry to be up at the table with us. My plan was to order a resturaunt-style high chair and paint it green. Not sure why, but sometimes when an idea strikes, it sticks.

Then one day shortly after my high chair plans were conceived, I was out putzing around some local stores, as I often do, and saw this chair way up high. I couldn’t get a good look at it, but it was already green and exactly what we were looking for. “FINALLY, I can bring something home that won’t require a coat of paint,” I thought… Ha!

Once it came down from the rafters, I got a better look…

Oh yes, my friends. Not only did the chair have a lovely speckled, splatter paint treatment all over the chair, but it had a Mama and Baby Bear scene painted on the seat. Would you like to see it up close?

I know, YIKES!! Anyway, since the chair was a great deal ($30 for a solid wood high chair) and I am not one to shy away from spray paint, the Green Speckled, Bear-Seated Chair came home with me!

All the details for how I fixed ‘er up after the jump!

I have been spray painting a lot of stuff lately. If you were to come by and look at my lawn, you’d see lovely patterns and colors all left behind from painting things like this, this, and this! I’ve experimented with a lot of spray paints and top coats, all with mixed experiences and results. Now a few months later, I confidently feel that the “treatment” I gave this high chair has truly stood up to the test of a toddler during meal times! Three months in (and with lots of ups, downs, cleans, scrubs, bashes and bangs) and we have not a ding, scratch or chip on this sturdy little chair!

Here’s what I used this time around!

  • The Zinsser primer is my absolute favorite – it goes on strong and covers areas fast. I keep a hefty stock of this in my garage and use it for almost every spray paint job I do.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with Valspar spray paint from Lowes. I love their color selection, and its coverage and durability is phenomenal. I just wish they would fix the spray “button” to make it easier for small, weak hands like mine to use it. I just find the sprayer so darn hard to compress. Anyway, everything I’ve sprayed with Valspar paint has given me excellent color and durability! This chair is no exception.
  • I picked up a can of the Rust-Oleu, Painters’ Touch Clear Gloss one day because I needed some sort of protective coat for a project and my hardware store was out of spray poly. I wasn’t sure how it would do over time. I have to say, if this chair is any indication, it has amazing chip-proof power! This is now my go-to clear coat spray.

I don’t have step-by-step photos for you, but the process was pretty simple: I started by lightly sanding the seat to “dull” the bear scene and make sure my surface was smooth…then…1) I applied a coat of primer, lightly sanded it and wiped it down; 2) Next, I gave it two coats of green with several hours of dry time between; 3) And finished off with two coats of clear gloss with 24 hours between. We then allowed the chair to sit out in the garage for about a week before bringing it in. I didn’t want there to be any risk of smudging or smearing green paint all over my baby or my house!

See – no more bear scene but only awesome, beautiful green color!

Ooooo – this green chair just makes me so happy. Next to our cobalt blue dining room chairs, our dining room has so much life!

Oh, and you  might be wondering why I picked green (green was my choice for the high chair from the very, very beginning!). Well, it’s because of the prints on our wall. I just thought with all the blue and white going on in the room, a pop of green would be just the ticket.

And boy, was I right! You don’t realize how a choice on one item in a room with effect/spawn/change others. The addition of green was so perfect, that it has led to other green accents in the room. I’m not ready to share our corner “hutch” just yet, but here’s a sneak peek 🙂

And one more peak at the chair before and after! So much better don’t you think?

I have a few project reveals in store for you next week, one that’s been in the works for quite a while! Until then, have a great weekend!

See You Soon!