I have been wanting to create a series of printables for a while now, but what really pushed me into action on the new Organizational Toolbox this year were all the suggestions, request and recommendations from you guys on the Reader Survey! When I asked what kind of products, projects or systems you all needed, you guys had some awesome ideas! I have them all jotted down, and I am working my way down the list. Today’s printable was one of those requests, and I am super excited about this one. So simple, but so helpful! Say hello to some friendly magnetic household signs!

FREE Printable Magnetic Household Signs

Whoever asked for a quick and easy way to remind their husband to remove their bras from the dryer…thank you! Because I think this idea is so clever, and I needed it too! I am SO guilty of tossing everything from the washer straight into the dryer without stopping or thinking. Which, as you might expect, has resulted in some unfortunate shrinkage and loss of items. Now I have a friendly little magnetic sign to remind me to check first!

FREE Printable Magnetic Laundry Room Sign

While I was designing the laundry signs, I went ahead and made another really helpful and much needed reminder…at least in this household! Once or twice a day, my husband and I both ask each other “Is the dishwasher clean or dirty?” Thanks to a quick little printable sign, now we will both always know! (Provided we remember to flip it!)

FREE Printable Magnetic Dishwasher Sign

I’ve designed two different versions of each sign (2 for the laundry, 2 for the dishwasher) and have them available in 5 different color ways!

FREE Printable Magnetic Household Signs

Making Your Magnetic Signs

Once you have your printable magnetic signs file, decide which color scheme you want, and print them out onto magnetic paper!

FREE Printable Magnetic Household Signs

There are lots of different types of magnetic paper out there. I prefer this one because it gives a nice, glossy finish and professional-looking result when printed.

FREE Printable Magnetic Household Signs

This paper is also super easy to cut, so all you have to do to finish your signs is cut them out…

FREE Printable Magnetic Household Signs

…and stick them wherever you need them! I was a bit bummed to learn that the top front of my dryer (where all the keys are) is the ONLY part that is not magnetic. Still, the top and by the door are perfect places for this sweet little reminder!

FREE Printable Magnetic Laundry Sign

You can also print these out at a smaller percentage if you need them smaller. Lastly, you can print them out onto regular paper, laminate them, and secure magnets to the back if you don’t want to buy magnetic paper. This option would also make your signs waterproof, which isn’t a bad idea come to think of it!

FREE Printable Magnetic Laundry Signs

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I tried and tried to come up with other helpful signs for around the home. I’d love to expand this set, so if you have a great idea to add, let me know in the comments! I do hope your week is off to a great start! Back here Thursday, I’m chatting a bit more about my craft closet organization. See you then!

See You Soon!