Happy New Year, my friends! I don’t know about you, but I am busy organizing all the things. And as you likely know about me by now, an organization project really doesn’t feel finished until some pretty labels are in place. If you too are busy clearing the clutter, packing away holiday decor, and/or re-organizing every nook and cranny, boy do I have a treat for you! Today’s brand new download from The Organization Toolbox is a massive pack of big, fun, colorful, and oh-so-useful printable storage box labels! I’ve got these coming off the printer around-the-clock, and I am so excited to share them with you today!

Printable Storage Box Labels

While there are lots of small label options available for download from The Organization Toolbox, I haven’t yet added any large, colorful versions designed specifically for deep storage and larger bins. This collection of 250+ labels (yep, you read that right!) is such a handy kit to keep on hand now and all year long!

Printable Storage Box Labels

The Printable Storage Box Labels

In addition to large, colorful designs, I wanted these labels to be endlessly useful to you as you pack away various items around your home. I thought long and hard about how to make them flexible and versatile yet still easy-to-use…and the result is 32 different labels designs that are editable/changeable and still ready-to-print!

These Printable Storage Box Labels feature two shapes: basic squares and squares with notched-out corners. Additionally, each label shape is available in two different layouts: label only and label + inventory. I then took these shapes and layouts and made them available in 4 sizes (full page, half page, quarter page, and 6/page) and 8 colors…equalling a whole lot of labels! Creating quick, easy-to-read, color-coded, and stylish labels for every bin and box in your home has never been easier!

Printable Storage Box Labels Printable Storage Box Labels Printable Storage Box Labels

The Label-Only Design

The label-only designs are the full color labels. These are best used on bins and boxes where everything inside can be easily described by one or two words. These labels are clean, clear, easy-to-read, and can be mixed-and-matched to create any color-coding system or pretty display you wish!


All the portrait-layout labels (vertical orientation) allow for two lines of text, whereas the landscape labels (horizontal orientation) allow for one line. This cannot be changed, so you’ll need to think through your words when selecting which shape and layout to use.

After typing in your labels and printing them out, simply use a paper cutter or scissors to trim off the white borders (if desired)! Printable Storage Box Labels Printable Storage Box Labels

The Inventory Label Design

When you have boxes that contain a variety of items or if it’s more helpful to have a detailed list of what’s inside (rather than a single word), the inventory-style labels are a better choice. In addition to a general category, these labels feature lines (that can be typed into or written on) to detail the contents of that specific box.

Like the other label design, once you have your labels filled out and printed, simply cut them out and secure to your bin or box!

Printable Storage Box Labels Printable Storage Box Labels

Ideas for Attaching Labels to Your Storage Boxes

Speaking of attaching labels to your storage bins, let me share a few quick ways I like to use these labels!

The quickest and easiest way to use these label files is in conjunction with sticker paper. I love this Milcoast paper because it’s waterproof, glossy, and works beautifully with my laser printer. But this Avery sticker paper is another great option!

Simply print out your labels onto sticker paper, trim out, and stick them directly to your storage boxes!

Printable Storage Box Labels

Printable Storage Box Labels

Another option is to slide the printed labels into label holders. Below, I just trimmed off the white border on each label and placed them into my beloved label clips! You can also re-size any of the labels to better fit your containers or holders by adjusting the print scale up or down.

Printable Storage Box Labels

When I don’t want to use sticker paper, packing tape is my other favorite solution for securing labels to plastic boxes (seriously!). This waterproof, super-strong tape provides an ultra-clear, durable, protective covering to your labels, helping them look great and last a really long time!

Printable Storage Box Labels

Get This Kit!

These Printable Storage Box Labels are bundled together with a variety of other popular labeling downloads. Click HERE to learn more about this bundle or download it immediately by clicking below!

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With 8 colors and so many different sizes available, just think of all the labeling options available to you!

  • If you have holiday decor boxes in every size and shape, print out all the different red labels and pick the right-sized version for each bin.
  • If you want to color-code boxes by family member, print a different color for each person!
  • If you need a certain set of items easily-identifiable at all times, stick some bright green labels on them so they jump out at you right away!

Whatever you’re labeling or how you’re doing it, I know these fun and fresh labels will come in oh-so-handy! Enjoy!

Printable Storage Box Labels

See You Soon!