Inspiration.  While my husband was deployed, I visited home (Virginia).  While there, my mom took me to this incredible “ribbon outlet” store that had tons of ribbon, fabric, and other notions at incredibly low prices.  I happened upon a few “masculine” fabrics at super cheep prices:  a tan/forest green paisley, a forest green flannel, and a forest green tapestry fabric I didn’t end up using.  I knew these fabrics would be perfect for making over my husband’s “lounge” as a “welcome home from deployment” gift!
Curtains.  I used the tan/forest green paisley to make very simple, no-frills curtains.  While I was home, my mom introduced me to pleater tape!  Wow – what a simple way to make curtains.  I sewed the pleater tape across the panels, pleated the tops of the curtains with hooks, and hung them!  Who knew curtains could be “sew” easy to make!
Futon Slipcover.  This couch is actually a futon, and the “cushion” is really a rectangular mattress.  To slipcover it, I used the forest green flannel to make a simple flat sheet (the underside of the cushion was bare).  Covering the white mattress brought a completely different and more “up-scale” feel to the room.
Bolster Pillows.  I used some remnant pieces of dark green faux suede I stumbled upon to make two bolster armrests for the futon.  To tie all the elements together, I made my own piping (eeek – new obsession!) with the paisley curtain fabric.

Artwork.  While deployed, my husband would send me photos of his surroundings and experiences.  I enlarged a few of my favorites to 11×14 and framed them in these off-the-shelf black frames.  Grouping them together like this over the couch was such a strong focal point, one that we’ve repeated in every home since!

See You Soon!