Happy Monday and Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had a very low-key weekend, which was well needed by all in this house. We celebrated Easter with our local family (friends and neighbors) and introduced our kiddos to the wonders of plastic eggs filled with goodies 🙂

A few weeks ago, I showed you our bookcases turned dining room hutch, complete with crisp white china and fresh pops of kelly green. I promised then that I would show you the nifty way I hung my boxwood wreath on the front of the bookcases, and I am here today to fulfill that promise! This may be one of those no-brainer ideas; but for me this was totally new and may forever change the way I hang wreaths 🙂

I wanted a big sash to hold my wreath, and I wanted it to lay perfectly flat…so just tying a big piece of ribbon or fabric wasn’t going to work.

My solution is really quick and easy. Let me show you!

I started out by cutting 2 stretches of fabric, both 6″x56″. (NOTE – I cut two pieces of fabric to essentially line my sash. You could just iron the edges over on all sides if you want to conserve fabric). I then placed them right-sides-together, and sewed down both lengths (the sides). I could have sewn three ways around (leaving one short side open for flipping), but I didn’t. (I was somewhat figuring this out as I went ;). With it sewn shut, I flipped the tube right-side-out and ironed it flat. I then placed my button holes: one at one end and then two at the other end. The several button holes on one end will allow you flexibility in length when you actually hang your wreath. I have room for one more hole (see photo below graphic), but just didn’t go back and add a third 🙂

 Here you can see my button holes on both ends of my long strip!

To hang your wreath, simply wrap your sash around your wreath and line up the button holes, depending on how low you want your wreath to hang!

And what do those button holes get hooked on to? A Command Hook! I used one of the larger hooks (I think it holds 5 lbs) and adhered it to the top REAR of my bookcase. It’s hard to tell from this photo, but this hook is against the wall, away from the front of the bookcase where the wreath hangs. The hook should face away from where you want your wreath to be.

Once the hook is secure, simply place two of your button holes over the hook (with the wreath caught between the holes).

And once done, your wreath hangs perfectly flat on a lovely swatch of fabric!

How about you? How do you hang your wreaths? I always struggle with the ribbon twisting or the wreath twisting, so I am pretty excited about this new method.

We’re prepping for a big birthday party here this weekend (the big TWO!!) and we’ve been readying our porch for Spring. Check back on Thursday to see a few of our outdoor additions new for this season!

See You Soon!