The Ultimate Cricut Shopping Guide

Investing in a new Cricut machine can be both exciting and confusing! While you may want aaalll the things, budget, space, and what you’ll actually use should all be considered. After working extensively with the Cricut Explore Air 2, the Cricut Maker, the Cricut Joy, and all their various tools, accessories, mats and materials, I’ve assembled a shopping guide of my favorite picks. These items will will allow you to fully explore all the capabilities of your Cricut machine while creating anything you can imagine!

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Cricut Explore Air 2

WHY:The Explore line of machines is Cricut’s “hallmark” e-cutter, and is the true workhorse of the Cricut family. Available in a wide variety of colors and compatible with an array of accessories, the Explore Air 2 will allow you to create almost any project with ease! See how it compares with other popular Cricut machines here.

Deep Cut Blade & Housing

WHY: This more powerful blade is a must for the Explore Air 2. It makes cutting thick papers (heavy cardstock, sticker, magnet), cardboard, foam and more so much easier!

Scoring Stylus

WHY: This inexpensive accessory fits into the pen holder on the machine and makes it a snap to add score lines to your projects!

Cricut Explore Air 2 Everything Bundle

WHY: If you are just diving into Cricut for the first time, this is the bundle I 110% recommend! It includes EVERYTHING you need to get crafting right away…in fact, I bought this exact kit 5 years ago!

Bonded Fabric Blade

WHY: If you would like to cut fabric on your Cricut Explore machine, this blade allows you to do it (in conjunction with the Fabric Grip mat).


Cricut Maker

WHY: The Cricut Maker is the strongest and most capable machine in the Cricut family. Thanks to its more powerful tool housing and a wide array of interchangeable blades, it cuts the biggest collection of materials and performs the most specialized functions. See how it compares with other popular Cricut machines here.

Knife Blade

WHY: The Knife Blade and Housing are required to cut any stiff materials such as Kraftboard, matte board, chipboard etc. This one is a “must have” for the Maker!

QuickSwap Tools Everything Bundle

WHY: Beyond just cutting blades, you can now do so much more with your Maker thanks to the Scoring Wheels, Wavy Blade, Perforation Blade, Debossing Tip, & Engraving Tip. This bundle is the most cost-effective way to get the entire collection!

Cricut Maker Everything Bundle

WHY: This Bundle comes with the usual Maker components but adds a very wide array of materials including vinyl, iron-on, fabric, Kraftboard, faux leather, sticker paper, cardboard and adhesive foil. This bundle is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a stocked craft room!


Fine Point Blades

WHY: When your projects are consistently not cutting right, it’s time for a blade swap. Don’t skip a beat by having a stash of fresh blades at the ready!

Mat Variety Set

WHY: Over time, mats will lose their stick. Keep a variety of fresh mats on-hand so your projects continue to turn out right!

Large Mat Variety Set

WHY: Large mats are key to cutting any design bigger than 11.5″. This bundle ensures you have whatever mat you need for whatever size and material you’re working with!

Essential Tools Set

WHY: Most projects don’t require fancy tools, but when they do, you’re sure to have exactly what you need in this set.

Weeding Tools Set

WHY: An ideal set for vinyl and iron-on lovers – these tools make weeding ANY design a breeze!

XL Scraper

WHY:From vinyl and home decor projects to quickly cleaning off mats, this scraper is a craft room essential!

Ultimate Fine Point Pen Set

WHY: Adding “drawn” or “handwritten” details to projects is quick and easy with your Cricut Maker or Explore. This set provides every color you could possibly need for your paper projects!

Everyday Pen Set

WHY: This set provides silver, gold, and black pens (in a variety) of widths, giving you lots of options for adding classic details to your paper projects!


Cricut Joy Machine

WHY: Because it’s the cutest, quickest and easiest Cricut machine you’ll ever use! See how it compares with other popular Cricut machines here.

Cricut Joy 12″ Standard Grip Mat

WHY: Cricut Joy only comes with a 6.5″ long mat. This 12″mat is more compatible with standard sheets of cardstock and rolls or vinyl without having to trim them down.

Cricut Joy Card Mat

WHY: One of the most fun things to do on Cricut Joy is make cards and this mat makes it a real snap.

Cricut Joy Tool Set

WHY: You only need a few tools to make a wide variety of projects. If you don’t have any Cricut tools yet, this kit is all you need!

Cricut Joy Smart Label

WHY: This Smart material makes creating labels (and sticking them to your containers) quicker and easier than ever before.

Cricut Joy Extra Fine Point Pens

WHY: Cricut Joy only comes with one black Fine-Point pen. These Extra-Fine pens are ideal for creating clean, simple pen details on your projects, especially labels.

Cricut Joy Pens

WHY: Cricut Joy only comes with one black pen. This set gives you a nice array of options for adding colored pen details to your projects.

Cricut Joy Metallic Markers

WHY: These markers are not only great for adding metallic details but also write gorgeously on dark papers.

Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl Sampler

WHY: If you don’t have a vinyl stash already, these sampler sets of 5 sheets give you a variety of colors while providing plenty of material for a wide array of projects.

Cricut Joy Transfer Tape

WHY: Don’t forget to snag a roll of Transfer Paper if you buy any vinyl. You’ll need it to transfer your projects seamlessly, and 1 roll goes a long way!

Cricut Joy Iron-On Sampler

WHY: If you don’t have any iron-on for fabric projects, these sampler sets of 3 colors/patterns is a great way to get started.

Cricut Joy Adhesive-Backed Paper

WHY: These packs of thick, patterned sticker paper are ideal for making labels, cards, scrapbook projects and more! A single pack gives you lots of variety for a multitude of projects.

Cricut Joy Insert Cards

WHY: These card packs allow you to make greeting cards in a matter of minutes. They are a great deal, and will save you a ton of time when used in conjunction with the Card Mat.

Cricut Joy Insert Cards with Acetate Inserts

WHY: This card pack features clear acetate inserts, which are awesome for layering over solids to add some fun details to your cards!

WHY: This charming tote keeps your Cricut Joy (and its accessories) safe for storage, as well as ready to take to your next craft night!


Self-Healing Mat

WHY: Whether you’re prepping papers/vinyls to load onto a mat or you’re creating other fabric or paper projects, this mat makes it a snap to cut your projects down to perfect size. I literally use mine every single day!

Rotary Cutter

WHY: Use in conjunction with an acrylic ruler to make precision cuts on paper, fabric, vinyl and more!

True Control Knife

WHY: This is the BEST craft knife I have ever used. This is an ideal tool for any crafter but especially those working with cardboard, chipboard, foam core and other dense materials.

Acrylic Ruler

WHY: Use in combination with a self-healing mat, rotary cutter, and/or True Control knife to make precision cuts on all your crafting materials.


WHY: From smoothing paper and vinyl onto your mats to securing vinyl details to walls and final projects, a brayer is something you’ll reach for more than you realize!

Small Easy Press

WHY:The line of Cricut EasyPress 2 machines makes it easy to create custom fabric projects with both Iron-On and Infusible Ink! I find this “small” EasyPress the most versatile. It’s small enough to pull out quickly and easily, but big enough to cover large sections of any design. If you can only get 1, I recommend this one!

EasyPress Mini

WHY: This mini version of the EasyPress is small but mighty. It can be used on all sorts of projects both big and small!

Large EasyPress Mat

WHY: The EasyPress Mats allow you to make your iron-on projects without dragging out the ironing board! Just place it on any work surface and it will be fully protected!


Bulk Transfer Paper

WHY: Buy your transfer tape in large rolls so you never run out mid-project!

Vinyl Sampler

WHY: Be ready for any design on any project with 40 sheets of vinyl in 10 different colors!

Silver & Gold Vinyl

WHY: You can adorn every surface in your home with these classic and neutral mega-rolls!

Bulk Everyday Iron-On

WHY: These value packs of iron-on come with 2 12×12” sheets of six different colors. Stock up on all three to ensure you have any color you need for any project you make!

Heavy Chipboard

WHY: Chipboard is such a fun medium for making sturdy, 3D projects, tags, labels, decor and more!

*For Cricut Maker only

Kraftboard Sampler

WHY: This thick board is great for making boxes and other 3D objects. It comes in basic colors, as well as Jewel and Metal tones!

*For Cricut Maker only

Metallic Leather

WHY: Beyond just cutting blades, you can now do so much more with your Maker thanks to the Scoring Wheels, Wavy Blade, Perforation Blade, Debossing Tip, & Engraving Tip. This bundle is the most cost-effective way to get the entire collection!

*For Cricut Maker only

Felt Sampler

WHY: One of the most exciting things about the Maker is its ability to cut fabric perfectly. These felt sets give you lots of colors to make easy fabric projects – and each swatch is pre-measured to fit the pink fabric mats!

12×24″ Cardstock

WHY: Making really large projects is much easier with really large paper! These stacks are available in several different color sets!

Infusible Ink Coasters

WHY: These coasters make amazing home decor projects and gifts when used in conjunction with Infusible Ink products!