DIY Monster Stuffies!


Thank you for visiting The Homes I Have Made! You are most likely here looking for the DIY Monster Stuffies tutorial and post. Unfortunately, due to potential copyright infringement of Uglydoll® (, this post has been removed. I invite you to explore other details of the Monster Birthday Party by visiting the links below!

Check out this adorable Monster-themed first birthday party, full of adorable and doable DIY details, food and ideas!Check out this adorable monster party with tons of DIY monster decor!Check out this adorable monster party with tons of DIY monster decor!Check out this adorable Monster-themed birthday party...with tons of clever and easy party food tricks!Use these ready-to-print food and drink labels at your next birthday party!Check out this tutorial for making an applique monster oneside to complete your Monster of a First Birthday Bash!

Thanks for your understanding!

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P.S. This is the book we used to make the take home monster stuffies’ overall shapes! We used the monsters Wilf, Prudence, and Melvin (starting on page 87). I enlarged the sizes by 43% (because the patterns were to make REALLY little monsters!) and followed the authors directions for assembly!

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22 Responses to DIY Monster Stuffies!

  1. Thank for talking about sewing the monsters right onto the fabric. I had a monster party and this saved me oodles of time. It had been taking me sooo much longer the other way.

  2. Megan, my sons first birthday is going to be a Monster Theme too! Very excited. Would you mind emailing me the files too so I can make the dolls?

  3. If you don't have embroidery capability, just use the zigzag setting on your sewing machine to sew felt circle eyes on. This takes a bit longer because you have to cut out black and white circles and sew them on, but it works just fine. If you use a really tight zigzag they should be in there good enough for little ones.

  4. I have been looking all over for an embroidery patter of these! Never would have thought they would be so difficult to find haha. I would love the embroidery file if it is still available. I am looking for a VP3 or VIP form. Hope to hear from you soon, Thanks!

    • Thank you so much! You should be able to download them directly from this post, but clicking the Download Here button! Hope that helps, and enjoy!


      • Hi! I have been searching and searching for your page to find these adorable monsters! I don’t see a download here button to get the embroidery files, is there another place to find them or can you email them?

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