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Pencil Arrow Valentines

Hello Everyone! How was your weekend? Mine went by WAY too fast. Not nearly enough relaxing or de-compressing occurred…but we had gorgeous weather and lots of family time, so no complaints here! AND…I managed to knock out Henry’s Valentines for all his little buddies (long before the night before they’re due in school!!!), and I am pretty excited to show you what we did!

Pencil Valentines-001

I realize pencil arrows are nothing new or unique – I am pretty sure I’ve seen a million variations on Pinterest in recent weeks. But these were really quite fun to make AND they photographed so darn cute that I had to share!

Pencil Valentines-002

I am a big fan of the non-candy Valentine; and with having to buy just the package of pencils, these really couldn’t be any cheaper!

Pencil Valentines-003

Also, Henry was a huge fan of these. He was right next to me the whole time as I was making them, and I could barely keep his little hands off of them! Not only are they really cool arrows, but they also happen to fly really well (like paper airplanes!) Score!

Pencil Valentines-004

I started with this package of Valentine pencils from Michaels. On sale, I paid less than $2 for 24 pencils! Valentine pencils abound in the stores right now, but I liked that this pack offered patterns that would appeal to both boys and girls.

Pencil Valentines-005

Pencil Valentines-006

I then used my Cricut Explore (and the online software) to design and cut the three components to my arrow design. (By the way, I’m quite a few projects in with my Cricut Explore at this point, and I am still pretty smitten with both the software and the machine – that write and cut feature is THE.BEST! #notsponsored). Once designed and tested, I cut out a bunch of arrows in various color schemes.


Pencil Valentines-007

Pencil Valentines-008

Next, I used roller adhesive to join the tip and tail components together.

Pencil Valentines-009

Pencil Valentines-010


I designed my arrows to have little slots to hold the pencil in place (admittedly, used Amber’s clever design to figure this part out!). To insert the pencils, I just bent the circle tabs upward and (carefully) slid the pencil into place.

This is rather embarrassing, but I can’t find our electric pencil sharpener ANYWHERE…so I tried to sharpen all my pencils with a manual sharpener. A dozen hand cramps and not-so-pointy-tips later, I gave up and settled for blunt pencils. That’s okay – these pencils are for pre-schoolers, and they really shouldn’t have super sharp pencils anyway 😉 Right?

Pencil Valentines-011

Pencil Valentines-012

I inserted all the pencils into the paper arrows to create quite a love-ly quill of arrows!

Pencil Valentines-013

Pencil Valentines-014

I’m pretty giddy with how these turned out. And Henry is just over-the-moon excited to hand them out to all of his friends this week!

Pencil Valentines-015

Pencil Valentines-016

And one more dose of reality for your Monday. Photo shoots with almost-4-year-olds are NOT as easy as some blogger make them look! Pair this wiggle worm with my mediocre camera skills and we ended up with tons of outtakes and just a few decent shots! But man, those big brown eyes sure do get me every.single.time. #lovethatkid #somuchpersonanality #iwantedtheredshirt #hewantedtheblue #yesibribedwithfruitsnacks

Pencil Valentines-017

In this photo, his little fist was the ONLY thing in focus – loved it!

Pencil Valentines-018

Five days before Valentines Day, and we are ready! Are you making home-made Valentines this year? Are you ready to go? If not – you still have plenty of time to pull something together. If you need more ideas, you can check up my Valentine projects roundup here!

Pencil Valentines-019


Hope everyone’s week is off to a wonderful start! See you back here Wednesday with a top-to-bottom transformation that newbies to THIHM won’t want to miss!

See you then,


A Love-Ly Round-Up of My Favorite Valentine’s Day Projects!

With the calendar flipping to February, it’s time for your favorite stores (and your favorite blogs!) to roll out all of their adorable red and pink decor, projects, and ideas in full force! After all, with Valentine’s Day being only two weeks into the month, there isn’t much time to decorate for and enjoy this mini holiday. In year’s past, Valentine’s-themed decor has been some of my favorite to do and share here on the blog. This year, (as was with my Christmas decor), I’m not quite feeling the desire to pull together a brand new, full-blown, love-themed display. Lucky for me, I’ve whipped up some cute things over the years and have kept them safely stored away…so I can simply pull out a few of my favorites and call it a day.

I had such fun poking through my Valentine’s Day bin and realized that since many of you all are relatively new around here, you might like to see a short and sweet round-up of my Valentine’s projects/decor of years past! These go from chronological order from oldest to newest over the past 4 years. Thankfully red, pink, and hearts-all-over never goes out of style!

Mini MailboxesMini Target mailboxes get instant personality thanks to vinyl decals, monograms, and dollar-store candlesticks. These are perfect for slipping in little love letters or adorning a mantelscape. (Interesting story: I LOVED these mailboxes, and apparently so did Cricut! Their publishing company asked me to box these up and mail them in for inclusion in a home decor book with the promise they’d be returned to me. Over a year later, neither these mailboxes nor a book have been sent to me, and no one is answering my emails. Hurumph. I’m a tad bitter about it because they were so stinkin’ cute 😉 

Valentine's Day Round Up-001

Rosebud Wreath. I’m convinced that felt goes together with Valentine’s Day as much as chocolate, roses, and dinner dates. Something about its bright wooly texture just screams hearts and Valentine’s Day crafts to me! I had such a fun time whipping up these simple felt roses to adorn a pink polka-dotted wreath. This one was the perfect amount of pop on our front door during this cold, dreary month!

Valentine's Day Round Up-002

Love Birds. Simple wooden birds from the craft store were dressed up with white paint and a tie (him) and a fascinator (her). These cheeky little critters would be adorable on a mantel, table centerpiece or tucked into a wreath!

Valentine's Day Round Up-003

Heart Canvas. I keep a batch of empty canvases on-hand for spur of the moment holiday projects like this one! This project was one of my very first attempts at “masking” where I cut all the shapes from vinyl with my Cricut, painted over all the shapes, then peeled the shapes away to reveal the images underneath. Simple canvases like this are perfect for adding just a touch of Valentine’s spirit to any room of the house!

Valentine's Day Round Up-004

Red & Blue Valentine’s “Mantel”. Who says Valentine’s Day decor has to be red, pink and white? I LOVE the combination of red and bright turquoise – a fresh and modern take on traditional Valentine’s decor.

Valentine's Day Round Up-005

“You Make My Heart Burst” Candy Jars. Sometimes the simplest projects turn out the cutest. Here, old peanut butter jars were cleaned out, spray painted (with a heart window!) and filled with fruit Starbursts. The little tags, printed and cut from cardstock, were the perfect finishing touch on this whimsical little gift, perfect for teachers, neighbors or co-workers. Start finishing up and cleaning out your condiment jars now!

Valentine's Day Round Up-006

LoveBug Valentines. I needed a quick and easy (and free) Valentine idea for all of Henry’s little school buddies last year. After looking through my Cricut images, I settled on these cute two-tone ladybugs, cut from colored cardstock, layered onto labels printed onto white paper. These came together so quickly and easily. Once I had everything cut out, Henry could help glue them all together!

Valentine's Day Round Up-007

Heart-Felt Pillow. Get it? Heart-felt…a heart pillow made of felt. Ha! I thought that was so clever 😉 Anyway, this is a new project for this season, and I am SO smitten with it. This simple, monochromatic design is a modern and fresh way to bring in some Valentine’s decor without being too cheesy. The full tutorial is up over at My Daily Bubble right now. This is a fun and simple DIY, but it does take some time to get all those hearts cut out (a perfect task while catching up on television shows!), so get started today!

Valentine's Day Round Up-008

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? It’s a super fun holiday to decorate for (hearts! pink!), but it seems to come and go so quickly. I’m currently at work on this year’s Valentines for friends, family, and teachers this week. I’ll show you what we came up with next Monday – I will actually have my ideas ready early enough this year to share them so you can do them too! Next up though, I have another quick organization project/update to show you and I think you’ll love it! See you Friday!


Lady Lovebug Valentines

As promised, I am back today to share our Valetine’s cards for this year! Henry attends a parents’ morning out program twice a week. The kids range in age from babies to full on toddlers, so I wanted to make something that was sans candy and safe for all ages in his class. A quick browse through my Cricut cartridges and I came up with these pretty sweet and simple sentiments:

Lady Lovebugs-001

I started cutting the lady bug elements in different shades of pink and red cardstock. For inquiring minds, I used the A Walk In My Garden cartridge, and the bugs are cut at the 3″ setting.

Lady Lovebugs-002

Next, Henry got in on the action! We used a kids-safe glue stick to adhere the top layer of dots to the bugs.

Lady Lovebugs-003

I was going to add googly eyes, but 1) they looked a little strange, and 2) I didn’t think they were good for little ones who still put things in their mouths! A heart-shaped hole punch did just the trick!

Lady Lovebugs-004

Next, I was going to mount the bugs to little “cards” that I designed on the computer. Instead of just printing them on plain white cardstock, I found some red and white gingam scrapbook paper in my stash. Since the paper had white backing, I could run it through my printer for the words while getting a cute design on the backs! So that it would fit in my printer, I trimmed my 12×12 cardstock down to 8.5×11″. I designed the cute little word design in MDS.

Lady Lovebugs-005

Originally, I was just going to free-hand cut my circles out around the words, but then realized I had a new magnetic platform for my Big Shot that would make this cutting job so much easier! If you use a Big Shot and don’t have the magnetic platform, it’s TOTALLY worth the cost. I am able to center my framelet around my image perfectly and it doesn’t budge!

Lady Lovebugs-006

I only had 16 circles to cut, so it wasn’t too bad feeding them through one at a time. If you have a lot to do, this will be the most time-consuming part! I just love that red pattern on the backside!

Lady Lovebugs-007

The last step was to adhere the bugs to the cards, letting the antennas fit through the gap in the wording.

Lady Lovebugs-008

Pretty simple and pretty sweet if I do say so myself 🙂

Lady Lovebugs-009

Lady Lovebugs-010

Unfortunately, school was canceled due to snow and ice, so his little Lovebug friends won’t get their Valentines until next week. Oh well – it’s the thought that counts, right?

Lady Lovebugs-011

I have a bunch of fun little projects I’m working on this weekend. We’ll see which is finished first to show you next week! See you then,


“You Make My Heart Burst!” Valentine Treat Jars

Quite often, I post my holiday crafts or gift ideas very close to the actual holiday; and they almost always include a line that says something like “I promise these are really quick to pull together and use only things you have around the house, and you can get them done by tomorrow.” Well, unless you’re a super last-minute crafter like me AND have a craft stash like mine, you’re probably not using my great holiday gift idea at the 11th hour.  Sorry about that. Well, this time around, I’ve got my son’s teacher gifts done in plenty of time for you to do them too! Valentine’s Day is 4 days away – so if you need an idea for a neighbor, teacher or co-worker, you have plenty of time to get these babies done!

Starburst Valentines-001

I certainly can’t take all the credit for this one. Food- and toy-related Valentine’s Day puns are all over the web; and I got this cute painted heart window idea HERE. Still, these turned out too darling not to share, don’t you think?

Starburst Valentines-002

I’ve been known to use old condiment jars for gifts in the past. (You can see my similar Halloween ones HERE). I don’t keep all our glass jars, just certain ones because of their shape or size. I love these peanut butter jars because they are a great size for holding treats (not too big and not too small), and are perfect cylinders, which make for easy decorating! A soak in hot, soapy water takes the labels right off with some scrubbing. I also ran these jars through the dishwasher to disinfect them and remove all traces of peanuts, just in case there are any allergies.

Starburst Valentines-003

Creating the little heart peek-a-boo window is pretty simple. I cut a bunch of 3″ tall hearts from white contact paper using my Cricut. I then applied them to the fronts of the clean and dry jars. The trickiest part of this whole project was waiting for a warm enough day to give them a quick spray – the lids got pink while the jars were given a hefty dose of metallic gold.

Starburst Valentines-004

Starburst Valentines-005

Typically, it’s best to remove any tape or decal while the paint is wet to get nice clean lines. These jars are a bit tricky to handle when wet, so I waited for them to fully dry before removing the paper heart. Thankfully, I had clean lines all the way around!

Starburst Valentines-006

Next – fill up the jars with candy and close the lids! Remember when I bought the Starburst at Target? Told you I had a plan for them!!!

Starburst Valentines-007

Starburst Valentines-008

I wanted to make some quick labels to decorate the jar and enhance my “burst” theme! I made these little labels with just a piece of clipart and some fonts on the computer. I printed the labels on white cardstock and then cut them out with scissors. I wanted a bit more color and bulk, so I glued them to some hot pink cardstock and cut them out again, leaving a border as I went.

Starburst Valentines-009

Starburst Valentines-010

Before adding them to the jars, each one got a quick hole punch. I also dug through my ribbon collection to find some coordinating ribbon.

Starburst Valentines-011

Sometimes when I tie labels on to bags, boxes or jars, they get a little twisted or pinched. I came up with a great method for adding a tag to a jar! First, I hot glued my ribbon around the edge of the lid (this allows the lid to be opened without untying the label). Next, I pulled taught and tied a simple knot in the ribbon alongside the lid. Then I pulled both ends of the ribbon THROUGH the whole on my tag. With both ends on the front of the tag, I tied a simple bow to keep it in place!

Starburst Valentines-012

These were really fun and not at all hard to make. I had everything but the Starbursts in my house; but even if you didn’t, these wouldn’t cost too much to make in bulk!

Starburst Valentines-013

Starburst Valentines-014

Pretty cute little gift, huh? Amazing what a little paint, paper and ribbon can do to a plain ol’ peanut butter jar!

Starburst Valentines-015

Starburst Valentines-016

With the teacher gifts done, I need to work on the coordinating little Valentine’s for Henry’s friends. I’ll have those here for you soon – but in true form, probably at the very last minute 😉


A Red and Turquoise Valentine’s Day {Valentine’s Project 2013}

Woo hoo, it’s Friday! It’s been a good but long week around here, and I am ready for the weekend! Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, so it’s time I show you how my red and turquoise Valentine’s Day decor came together for this year’s display! I used a blend of last year’s projects with some new accessories and crafts to bring the whole thing together for a really fun “mantel-scape.”

Like I mentioned earlier this week, I had a bit of a hard time getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit this year. Juggling a few more projects than I’d like right now, I just didn’t have the creative spirit in me. Then I opened up my V-Day decor box in the garage, and things started to come together pretty fast! The first thing I did was hang my new rosebud wreath (purchased from Target right before Christmas) with a bright blue ribbon.

Next, I adorned my lamp with some red ribbon and a turquoise flower I had from my summer wreath!

I then placed my crafts from last year, including our darling mailboxes

…and my heart canvas and polka dot pennant bunting. One of the new crafts this year were the paper roses glued to a tree branch, placed in a teal vase (from Crate & Barrel).

 The main new addition to my display are the cake stands I showed you yesterday! I love the pop of color and visual interest they bring to my display. You will surely be seeing these year round!

The little love birds perch on top of the red cake stand…aren’t they just the sweetest?

Something tall was needed to balance out the big lamp on the left, so I used some dollar store red roses (leftover from this party) and a Styrofoam ball to create a great topiary.

I love how everything came together to create such a cheery display!

I didn’t do too much on the bookcase below. I dug around the house for some other red and teal accessories. The “LOVE” letters are new – I found them in a thrift store for $3 and gave them a new coat of red spray paint!

Here’s everything all together!

Oh, and if you wanted to see how I improved upon last year’s decor…this is what we had a year ago:

And what we have today!

Plus a little peek-a-boo from Me 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends!!!