Every now and then, I come across and/or do something and think to myself “Hey, that works really well! I wonder if anyone else has tried this?” I want to start sharing some of these small tips and tricks with you guys. These little smack-my-forhead-and-say-duh life hacks make my life, DIYing, and crafting a little easier, and I thought they just might make yours’ a little easier too! First up: how I hot glue.

WDITOT Hot Glue-001

This tip might be out there in the blog-o-sphere already (I didn’t check Pinterest to find out ;), but I figured this one out on my own, and I love it…so I’m gonna share it 🙂

I was growing tired of getting strings and chunks of melted hot glue all over my craft counter or desk (which then can be really hard to pry off and can pull the paint off too!). On a whim, I reached for a silicon baking mat (that I bought and never really used) to protect my work surface.

WDITOT Hot Glue-002

The non-stick surface of this mat (that is so great for baking) is also so great for hot glue. The glue can drip and melt and puddle right up…

WDITOT Hot Glue-003

…and after it dries, you can pull it right off. No fingernails, flat-head screwdrivers, or cursing necessary!

WDITOT Hot Glue-004

It also works great for “dabbing” off my glue gun to stop those bothersome strings in their tracks! I keep this (now dedicated) silicon mat rolled up in one of the drawers of my work station (right next to my glue gun). Whenever I am hot gluing anything, I pull it out and work right on the mat. Now my surfaces are protected and dealing with excess glue is no problem!

I hope you’re all having a good one – I’m cranking out a bunch of fun up-coming projects that I think you’re going to love! See you back here Friday with my monthly reading round-up!


See You Soon!