Phew!! We had quite the weekend around here. As planned, we had lots of parties and family fun time, but we were also incredibly productive in getting some big projects done. A while back, I swore off working on several projects at once because it was stressing me out. Somehow, though, I found myself balancing a ton of different things this weekend. I don’t love to work that way, but we did get a lot accomplished! One thing I pulled together was our Valentine’s Day decor.

Even though it’s only February 4th, I feel like I am an eternity behind the blog world in getting my Valentine’s decor up – both in my house and on the blog. Oh well – I can’t think about the happy heart day the day after Christmas. And even with taking the month of January to step away from the reds and glitter, I found myself so consumed with other projects that I didn’t have any creative juices left to really go all out with hearts and cupids.

BUT, then I was craving a fresh pop of pink on my front door, and as things tend to do with me…I was off and running with some simple crafts to bring some love to our front stoop! It started with this cute wreath:

I didn’t really want to go out and buy a ton of Valentine’s Day stuff. Surely, I had enough supplies around the house to pull something festive together! I started with my yarn wreath, removed the fabric flowers, and wrapped it with a hot pink polka dot ribbon. Instead of gluing the ribbon as I went, I used pins to attach it to the back so it can be removed after the month of February 😉

I then dug though my felt stash and pulled out every shade of red, pink, and white that I had. Inspired by this photo, I followed this simple picture from Pinterest to make my felt roses in different sizes. While the roses themselves were glued together to hold their shape, they too were attached to the wreath with floral pins so I can take them off and use them again. To give it a little more bling, I added some white, pink and red beads tucked in throughout, also with pins.

This wreath didn’t cost me a penny and it’s completely “un-do-able” so I can use the wreath form, ribbon and flowers again in the future!

Here she is hung up on my door! Oooo – I LOVE that fresh pop of pink!

The wreath looked a little lonely out there all by herself, so I wanted to add a few other hints of pink to make the porch look a little more complete. Some pink bows on our white lanterns and a pink and white vinyl heart transition this little porch-scape from Christmas to Valentine’s Day!

I also whipped up a quick heart pillow using a bunch of outdoor fabrics I had from my old, old craft room! In hindsight, I wish I had done a striped background and a solid heart because of the red bench, but oh well – I’m not making another one 🙂 The pillow, like all my others, have an envelop back for easy on and off.

These little projects took me just a couple of hours to pull together. The husband doesn’t love the pink outside, but it’s just for a few weeks…and after all the red from Christmas, it’s SO nice to have something different outside!

The Valentine’s Day decor didn’t stop outside. I added to last year’s red and turquoise decor to enhance our mantel-scape – I’ll show it to you here at the end of the week!


See You Soon!