A while back, when I revealed our pantry-in-a-laundry-room, you might remember that I was pretty stoked about my accidentally-discovered way to label my dry food jars: a dry-erase marker.

DIY Pantry-017

This system has worked super well for all these months…but you might also recall that this was a somewhat temporary solution until I could come up with a labeling system for my dry food jars that was 1) dishwasher safe, 2) changeable (as in I could write and re-write the contents in the jars as they were swapped in and out), and 3) cute!

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Then one day, when I was filling up my son’s sippy cup, it occurred to me that the same dishwasher proof labels that we use for his cups would be a perfect solution for our food jars…as long as they were blank and I could write on them!

DIY Pantry-018

At the beginning of the school year last Fall, I found Name Bubbles (through a simple Google search) and ordered a bunch of labels for all of Henry’s school stuff (cups, jackets, backpack etc). They worked great and were such nice quality, so I was excited to see they offered a blank dry-erase option!

DIY Pantry-019

I really love the Name Bubbles packaging and all of the directions included in the nice little folder. Popping them on my jars and adding my descriptor was such a perfect solution – I get so giddy when I find a product that works exactly as I need it to!

DIY Pantry-020

So much prettier than my dry-erase scribble, don’t you think? And I love that the pen that comes with the labels doesn’t smudge or bleed when you grab the jars with wet or greasy hands!

DIY Pantry-021

These labels launched a pantry overhaul that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time! Want to see more details? You’ll have to head over to ForRent.com to get all my secrets, ideas, and updates!

DIY Pantry-022

This FREE 5-week email course will help you clean out and improve function in EACH area of your kitchen!

Carving out a place for the pantry in our laundry room is STILL one of the best things we’ve done in this house. If you need some tips for making your pantry work harder for you…be sure to head on over HERE!

DIY Pantry-023

Oh – and this is in NO WAY a sponsored post for Name Bubbles. I just love the product and thought I’d share this quick little update that is working great for our family!


See You Soon!