Awww-yeah…It’s Friday! I am so glad the end of the week is here. It’s been a crazy busy one for us, and I am ready for the weekend and the upcoming holiday week! I know I don’t usually do an end-of-the-week post, but I wanted to finish up talking about our dresser-to-media stand makeover project with a quick word about how we updated the hardware!

In short, getting our hardware the nice beautiful silver you see in the photo above took a lot of procrastination, research, scrubbing, soaking, brasso-ing, rub’n’buffing and finally, pure (exasperated) experimentation.

Want to know what we eventually did? All the details are after the jump!

The hardware on our old dresser was in pretty rough shape. In the photo below, you can see how dull and tarnished the rings and hinges were when we bought the piece. I loved the chunky hardware so much (and I didn’t want to sink more money into this thing by buying new hardware), so I was determined to make it beautiful again!

I turned to the furniture-restoration pro Centsational Girl, Kate, and this great article that talked about cleaning up hardware. I practically tried ALL of the methods she recommended, each with varying levels of success. In the photo below, you can see the original hardware, and then what the hardware looked like after 3 rounds of brasso AND salt/lemon juice scrubbing. Not only could I not get the hardware perfectly clean, but I still wasn’t in love with the brass color (after all, this piece was going in a grey and white room!) It didn’t make a ton of sense to me to spend SO much time getting the hardware clean if it wasn’t the color I wanted anyway.

Enter Rub’n’Buff. I purchased the silver leaf color and LOVED the way it rubbed right on! I though for sure I had our solution and completed two sets of the hardware with this finish. The next morning, I went to “buff” my hardware to a shine only to find that it buffed right off, onto my cloth and onto my hands. Fail. After a bit of research, it appears that the silver color is notorious for rubbing and buffing right off. Boo.

At this point in the entire dresser makeover project, I was pretty much “over it” and just wanted the hardware done and back on the dresser. A few weeks earlier, I had picked up a can of Valspar Silver Metallic spray paint (you know, just to have in the stash) and wanted to try it as our last effort. Greg thought I was NUTS to spray paint the hardware, but it was either spray it or replace it. I opted to spray it.

Two light coats on each side and…

We had brand new, spiffy, shiny, fantastic hardware to put back on the dresser. Friends, I would have NEVER believed spray paint could give such a “real” look to old metal. And for those of you that have already asked about durability: so far, so good. No residue on the hands, and no chipping off! I think this spray paint may be one of my new favorite DIY/decor tricks!

I wish I had saved all the time and money and effort of brasso-ing, scrubbing, rubbing and buffing and just gone with this option in the first place…but you never know these things until you go through the process, right?

With the hardware back on, we had one spiffy new unit in our family room!

And once last final glance at the before and after, hardware and all:

That’s all for this project, folks. In case you missed any details of this project, you can read the reveal here and the how-to here.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I have a few fun Thanksgiving related projects to show you next week (just in the nick of time!) and a neat announcement for things going on here in this house over the next few weeks that will trickle over to the blog! Stay tuned!

See You Soon!