(Cue Music: Space Odyssey 2001)
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Da Da

Bom Bom, Bom Bom, Bom Bom, Bom Bom

Daaaaaaaaaa Daaaaaaaaaaa Da DAAAAAAAAAA

That’s how I felt whenever I saw this strange little machine sitting on my shelf. I realize The Surger is a well-loved machine by crafters, sewers and DIYers alike.  I’ve seen the pretty seems, the quick clothing construction, and clean hems for years.  But for me, it was complicated…too complicated (all those darn knobs and threads!) and seemingly unnecessary (can’t my regular sewing machine do the same thing?).

My mother passed this Surger down to me 4 years ago (gasp) and it has sat in my closet, untouched, ever since.  My mom and sister would constantly sing to me the praises of The Surger, but I would continue to sit, stubbornly, at my regular and beloved sewing machine.  I would show them what my machine and I could do!  Then I made this little baby, with strips and strips of stretchy knit, lots of seems, and lots of loose threads…and, stubbornly, realized they might be right.

So I pulled the machine off my shelf, dusted it off, and read the manual on how to thread the machine.  After reading the instructions (and fighting the instinct to put it right back on the shelf), I called my mom for help….many, many times!

We sat down together no less than 4 times for me to learn how to thread the darn thing.  Mom would show me how (me following along in the manual and taking notes), and we’d end up with a perfectly threaded machine.  I would then completely un-thread it (sacrilege, I know!) and start from scratch.  (If I would going to use this darn thing, I was going to know how to use it through and through.) With bated breath, I would sew my test strip and find that some thread was somehow wound through the wrong hook, pulled too tight or too loose, and we’d start ALL OVER AGAIN.

Many times defeated, I would put the machine back on its shelf sad and unthreaded.  This time though, I longed to unlock its magic so I too could make pretty surged items.

Finally, one night while the baby was asleep (key!) and the husband was watching football, I locked closed myself in my craft room to focus on The Surger.  I emerged an hour later and wrote to my mom and sister that not only had I successfully threaded The Surger, but that it was sewing perfectly, with the correct loops and tensions!  Woo hoo!

Then I made my first project with The Surger (post to come!)

Then last night, equally as shut in to my craft room as the first time, I focused on the rolled hem, working for the better part of an hour to get the tensions right to make pretty hems to finish off my Thanksgiving tablecloths.

I emerged, triumphant, with four hemmed table cloths in hand!

I can’t say, in the slightest, that I am a Savy Surger-er…but for now, I feel as though I have triumphed over this darn machine and can use it, effectively (if not efficiently!).  I am so excited to use it more and more and am already planning on other projects to help me learn to use it better!

You may be thinking, I can’t believe this crazy lady wrote a whole post over a sewing machine!  I can’t either!  But my triumph over The Surger taught me an important lesson:  it’s so easy to get in a rut and stay in my comfort zone…but, in the end, it is so worth trying something new because now I can do so much more than I could before…and I am a little more confident because of it!

This blog is a little bit like that too.  I was scared and intimated about writing a craft blog. Finally, one day – just like pulling the surger off the shelf – I wrote my first post.  And like finished edges and rolled hems, a whole new world just opened up!

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Da Da

Bom Bom, Bom Bom, Bom Bom, Bom Bom
See You Soon!