Heeeeellloo Everyone! I hope you all are having a great week and had a fantastic Easter. Sorry to go a little MIA on you this week – we had company over the weekend, and I am just plain horrible at getting posts ready ahead of time. BUT…I am excited to be back today with another “Treasures from the Basement” post! (If you missed what this series is all about, you can read my full intro and first makeover HERE. Basically, I have found a plethora of “treasures” in my parents’ basement, and I am giving each a makeover to better suit our home and style!)

Today, let’s chat about these oh-so-lovely planters dragged home from, where else? My parents’ basement!

Green Planters-001

Mom actually gave me these pots a few months before she died; but they had been sitting in the basement for years so they still count as a basement “find”! I gave her these pots. They were part of a lovely “bulbs of the month” series from Red Envelop. For three months, she received a pot with bulbs inside. The pots were so great that she never parted with them; and I, of course, scooped them up when she no longer wanted them! (Pst – you can see the third one HERE, it didn’t require a makeover!)

Green Planters-002

What makes these pots so cool? Well, the sturdy pots have these great lids. On the left (below), the lids can stay on the pots and they could function as cookie jars or other storage vessels. BUT…the pots have a drainage hole (center) and the lid can be flipped and put UNDER the pot (right) to catch draining water. I have always adored the simplicity and design of these pots. What I really, really didn’t love was their colors…

Green Planters-003

These pots sat in my dining room for about 6 months as I toyed with various options for making them over. I was thinking about everything from cement to metal banding. But then I recently bought some pretty awesome paint for another project (coming soon). I was so in love with the colors I knew they would be great on these pots too! So, as predictable as it may be, I gave them a two-tone paint treatment!

Green Planters-004

Green Planters-005

I was super nervous to paint these because I just wasn’t sure how paint would hold up on porcelain pots. Despite my worries, I went for it anyway and I am so glad I did!

First, I sprayed the pots and the lids with Zinsser 123 Primer. Then each surface got three coats (yes, 3!!!) of some Benjamin Moore Advanced High Gloss Paint (with 24 hours dry time in between). I have read so many great things about this paint, I was super excited to use it. I’ll talk more about it when I reveal my big project I originally bought this paint for…for now, I’ll just say I love love love this paint! Oh – by the way, the darker green is BM Yellow Green, and the lighter green is BM Tropical Seaweed Green.

Green Planters-006

I started by using a brush, which worked fine, but ended up applying my last two coats with a mini foam roller. I adore the hard glossy finish this paint leaves behind!

Green Planters-007

I filled my pots with some inexpensive “hardy” plants from Home Depot!

Green Planters-008

Over the weekend, these pots served as a very simple yet bright and fresh center piece for our Easter buffet.

Green Planters-009

They tied in with the other green and yellow Spring accents I had around our home!

Green Planters-010

Green Planters-011

With our Easter celebration behind us, I am still hunting around for their permanent home. I am totally crushing over these bright green pots against my cobalt blue walls, so I’m pretty sure they are staying here or somewhere close by 😉

Green Planters-012

I am so glad I took the leap to paint these pots. For months, they have sat in my dining room, functional but totally mis-matched. Now, they absolutely complete this space, and I can’t wait to get snapping some “final” dining room pictures – finally! For now, let’s just take one more look at before and after!

Green Planters-014

Pretty successful (free) makeover, don’t you think? Mom would be proud 😉

Green Planters-013

Before the holiday weekend, I was busy churning out a lot of new projects. I hope to spend a lot of the weekend staging and photographing them so I can get them up here for you to see. Get ready for a lot more GREEN, as I work away on Henry’s big boy room!

Have a great weekend!

See You Soon!