Last Friday I revealed some new artwork I made for my walls – make sure to check out the post HERE! When asked me to create these wall art projects, I was excited to take on the challenge – especially since I am always looking for great things to put on my walls. The only problem was I was still in the midst of my no-spend Lent (which, by the way, is now over and I am slowly wading my way back into the dangerous waters of shopping, I’ll have a re-cap post on how it all went coming up here this week!). While cleaning out my folks’ basement on my most recent trip home, I came across some pretty amazing, but pretty dated, old chunky wooden frames. Knowing this wall-art project was fast-approaching, they came home with me!

Old Frames-001

Now, you can bet none of my siblings were fighting me for these babies; in fact, like the other treasures I’ve dragged home, I think they thought I was nuts to take them. They were indeed ugly, but I couldn’t get over their 1) size, 2) their details, 3) their solid-wood quality, and 4) the gold!!! Talk about “everything old is new again”! These frames are old, old, old, but the gold detail on the inner lip on 3 of the 4 frames just seemed so “in” with current trends.

Old Frames-002

This makeover was quick, simple, and turned out surprisingly well! I started by removing all the backings and art out of the frames, and then taped off the gold inside edge with painters tape. To give them a modern and fresh vibe, I went with my usual stand-by: Zinsser spray primer followed by Rust-Oleum glossy white! (btw, this combo gives me awesome-quality results EVERY time!)

Old Frames-003

It took a good 2 coats of the white spray paint (after the primer) to get all the nooks and crannies filled and covered, but boy, what a transformation!!!! While my frames were drying, I got to work on some really great but super simple typography-style projects to go in them. You can get the full tutorials HERE!!!

Old Frames-004

All of this art, including the frames and styling, were done in a day using supplies I had around the house. Quick, inexpensive and super stylish…all inspired by those really ugly frames!

Old Frames-005

I am so so so loving the challenge of making over the “junk” I have un-earthed from my parents house. I think my Dad and siblings are equally amazed at how some things have transformed. All in the power of paint and patience, my friends! (oh, and those turquoise diagonal lines on the long skinny frame? Just some strips of contact paper…just like I did HERE!)

Okay, just for fun, one more before and after:

Old Frames-006

As I mentioned, I gave up spending for Lent in the wake of cleaning out my parents’ house and in an effort to get my own spending/shopping/wasting habits in check. Lent came to a close on Easter, and over the last few weeks, I have been giving a lot of thought to what I learned and how I’m going to (try to!) move forward with a more mindful attitude. I’ll share what I accomplished during the 40 days of no spending and what I learned coming up here later this week!

See You Soon!