Today’s “Toolbox Tuesday” download is the latest installment of The Family HUB system: Travel Planning Printables! I realize coronavirus precautions are keeping most of us home these days; but someday (soon!), we’ll be able to travel again. When that time comes, I’ve got all the worksheets, checklists, and planners to help you organize everything from short weekend getaways to long, multi-stop vacations. Let me give you a tour of the newest printable pages available in The Organization Toolbox!

Travel Planning Printables

What Is The Family HUB?

Back in January, I introduced my latest comprehensive printable system: The Family HUB – the ultimate, customizable home management system that can help you track every detail of your life and home. This printable kit (which by will ultimately include worksheets and trackers for pretty much every area of your life) was born out of your requests for a pretty, simple, and complete home management binder.

To date, the first 12 sections of The Family HUB have been released and are available for immediate download (see more at the bottom of this post). Today’s addition, Travel Planning Printables, is the 14th section!

Part 14 | Travel Planning Printables

The bright blue section of The Family HUB is dedicated entirely to travel planning. These 35+ pages will help you organize any trip or vacation, no matter where to or how long. Including pages for travel arrangements, accommodations, entertainment, activities, packing, and more, this kit will ensure every single detail is addressed. And don’t forget: all pages feature editable text boxes (so you can use these digitally or printed out) and are available in color, as well as black and white.

Travel Planning Printables

Let me show you these travel planning printables in more detail!

VACATION BRAINSTORMING. As you start the vacation planning process, this single page worksheet can help you get ideas out of your head and into action.

TRIP-AT-A-GLANCE. Once you’re past the brainstorming phase, this worksheet (shown below, left) is a great snapshot of your entire trip, including blocks for travel, accommodations, an itinerary, and a mini trip bucket list.

Travel Planning Printables

VACATION DAY-BY-DAY. This 2-page spread is intended to help you plan and organize more “complex” vacations that may include several stops, different hotels, etc. The second page can be printed over-and-over to accommodate whatever trip length you have planned.

TRIP ITINERARY. This is a more streamlined 2-page spread than the “Vacation Day-By-Day” planner, but is similarly handy for longer or multi-location trips.

TRIP DAILY PLANNER. This daily planner can be used for trips of 5 or more days. It includes spots to note the weather and corresponding things to do so you can plan everything for the right day.

VACATION SCHEDULE. These blank 1- and 2-week calendar pages can be used to brainstorm or plan out your trip.

ACCOMMODATIONS. If your trip involves staying in multiple lodging locations, you can log each one (including address, phone, check in/out dates and times, confirmation #s, etc) here, so you have all the information in one spot.

FROM HERE-TO-THERE. Whether your multi-stop vacation includes flights, car trips, or train rides, you can log the details of each leg in this handy at-a-glance worksheet.

GAS MILEAGE LOG. This single page worksheet allows you to easily track your gas expenditures.

Travel Planning Printables

VACATION BUCKET LIST. To make sure no fun opportunity is missed, keep this bucket list handy as you do your research and plan your itinerary.

ATTRACTIONS. If you pre-purchase tickets to attractions, events, or other things to do, keep track of dates, times, locations, and confirmation numbers here.

VACATION BUDGET. Three different vacation budget layouts are included, so you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

Travel Planning Printables

OUTFIT PLANNER. If you’re having trouble packing, this handy planner (shown below) helps you look ahead to the weather and your itinerary and plan outfits accordingly.

PACKING LISTS. Three different yet fully customizable packing lists allow you to plan your packing by person, by day, by clothing type (shown below), or however else makes sense to you!

Travel Planning Printables

VACATION MASTER TO-DO LIST. Getting ready for a trip is often the most difficult part. This two-page spread includes checklists spanning 4-6 months before the trip through the morning of departure. This one (shown below) is a must for vacations with lots of tasks to do before you leave!

Travel Planning Printables

WHILE WE’RE AWAY. This single-page worksheet (shown below) is ideal for leaving behind all necessary information a neighbor or house-sitter while you’re gone.

PET CARE. This two-page spread helps you note your pet’s food, exercise, and health information for a sitter while you’re gone.

TRAVEL BUCKET LIST. Do you like to keep a running list of places you want to visit? There are two layout options to help you keep track of ideas!

VACATION MEMORIES. This single page (shown below, right) is a handy way to log memories, details, and even a snapshot of each trip so you can reference them in the future.

Get This Kit!

Part 14 – Travel Planning Printables (of The Family HUB system) is now available for download from The Organization Toolbox! Click HERE to shop or learn more!

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a multi-stop adventure, I just know the forms and worksheets in this 36-page Travel Planning kit can help you plan and organize every detail of your next vacation. I  hope you find them useful when the time comes for us all to safely travel the country and globe again!

Slowly but surely, The Family HUB is coming together! The final 3 kits (Kids, Hobbies, and Holidays) will be available for download in early 2021!

The Family HUB

See all the available Family HUB kits in more detail by clicking below!

See You Soon!