Another month is coming to an end (is it me, or did January FLY by?!?). January was a great month for me! I feel like I am (finally!) getting into a good grove with a manageable blog schedule, post variety, and keeping up with my free-lance obligations. I’ve been loving all your kind comments, suggestions, and encouragements lately (thank you!!!) and I’ve gained some new followers – so all in all, a great month indeed!

At the end of each month, I like to take a quick minute to link up all my projects and writings that appear elsewhere around the web. These jobs have helped me not only expand my foot-print in the DIY/home blog community, but have also allowed me to expand what I offer here. There are some great ideas at these links, so be sure to check them out!

Over at, the Ambassador team has been chatting up all things “Get Fresh” and “Get Organized.” I took the opportunity to give our cleaning supplies a clean out/makeover, and I am LOVING having them all sorted out and pretty. See what I did here: Freshen Up Your Cleaning Supplies!

THIHM Around the Web Series-010

You all should know by now that I put almost anything and everything in storage boxes, totes, baskets and bins. I love having like items corraled and easy to access…and lots of bonus points if the storage is pretty! I took some boring off-the-shelf storage boxes and gave them a super chic makeover with metallic wallpaper (told you I’m obsessed with wallpaper right now!). Get the full tutorial here: Wallpaper-Covered Storage Boxes

THIHM Around the Web Series-011

My Daily Bubble

Each family has their way of storing and organizing important papers. We are a magnet family, and we are constantly hunting down more around the house. I wanted to give our memo boards some pizzazz, so I whipped up a set of these darling jewel-toned Gemstone Magnets. Get the full tutorial here: DIY Gemstone Magnets

THIHM Around the Web Series-012

Over on The Good Stuff Blog (run by, I’ve contributed a variety of round-up-style articles covering everything from organizing (coupons, linens) to decorating for winter (textures, candles!). Follow the links to some great round-ups of awesome ideas from all over the web!

DIY Coupon Organizers for the Casual Couponer

THIHM Around the Web Series-013

14 Ways to Transition Holiday Decor to Winter Decor

THIHM Around the Web Series-014

12 Designer Ways to Dress Up Candles

THIHM Around the Web Series-015

How To Use Textures to Make Your Home Cozy

THIHM Around the Web Series-016

15 Tips and Tricks to Organize Your Linen Closet

THIHM Around the Web Series-017

As usual, I really appreciate you taking the time to support my work on other sites. In many ways, these writing oportunities make what I do here on THIHM possible!

Hope you all have a great weekend. I have LOTS of fun stuff to show you next week so be sure to come around. On Monday, I have another treasure from my parents’ basement that I have breathed new life into. Can’t wait to show you!


See You Soon!