Hey Everyone! Happy Friday-before-the-long-weekend, the best kind of Fridays in my opinion 🙂 I know I promised photos of our laundry room today; and while I do have some to show you, they aren’t the pretty, finished ones I taunted. You see, I go back and forth on how I like to “reveal” things to you all here on the blog – sometimes I like to show you the finished product and then work backwards, posting about each project from the space…other times I like to show you things in chronological order, just as they happen(ed) in real life! Today, I’m kicking off our laundry room makeover; but this time around, I’m going to show you where we started and our steps along the way before I show you the final product! Game?

Okay!! Let’s talk about our laundry room for a minute. It’s little…like, really little. I don’t know exact measurements (and I’m too lazy to go measure it), but my guess is about 5×10′. Although good size, it’s quite an adjustment from our last monster-of-a-laundry room. Also, this room sits directly off of our kitchen, so it’s somewhere we see, go, and use EVERY DAY! During the move in process, things just got dumped here…over and over and over until 1) we couldn’t even function in here because of so much stuff, and 2) the mess was driving me absolutely batty. So batty, that I up and halted the projects we were working on at the time to deal with it. (Which, if you know me – I like my schedules and plans, and almost always stick to them like glue…We weren’t “planning” on working on the laundry room that weekend, but it HAD to get done, ASAP!).

Not sure if the pics really do it justice, but this is where we started!

As is the best thing to do, especially in small rooms like this, I emptied the entire room so I could start from scratch. Here’s a few quick shots my blank slate.

It’s a very functional room with enough space for our washer and dryer (albeit, barely), a good length shelf, a work counter, and wash sink. Although the room is tight, it’s probably the most functional laundry room we’ve ever had!

With the space completely empty, I was then able to think freely about what all we needed from this small room. Not only do we do laundry in here, but it also serves as storage for all the household extras: paper towels, toilet paper, light bulbs, household cleaners…you get the idea.  And before I could even start to think about decor and colors, I had to make this space work…and that began with collecting containers…lots and lots of different containers!

Although the long wire shelf across the room is great, it had the potential to be very poorly utilized and constantly messy. To battle that, I picked up 6 of these square ITSO totes from Target. I had two, and may or may not have driven 90 mins to our next closest target (our closest Target didn’t carry them) to get four more. PS – I love these bins – they are so big and great for toys, books, etc. Why oh why doesn’t Target make them in more colors?

I also picked up this cute tool box for $6 from a local shop. I thought it was a fun way to store dryer sheets, sprays, etc. We already had the bulletin/cork board laying around the house and it needed a home – perfect!

In addition to storing all those odds and ends, we also decided that the laundry room would serve as our walk-in pantry. That  might sound all big and fancy, but the truth is, our teeny tiny kitchen doesn’t have an actual pantry, and I was loosing my mind trying to store food in high cupboards. My dad suggested we try a metal shelf, and it was the perfect solution to our food storage woes!

The bottom shelf holds two large bins that I found on clearance at Lowes for $5. I SOO should have bought more because they are fantastic. They hold clean and dirty dish towels, wash cloths, etc. The next shelf up stores baked goods and extra coffee cups in matching ITSO bins. The middle shelf holds all of our canned goods, while all of our oils and sauces sit on our old lazy suzan. By the way – this works AWESOME! So should have done it sooner!

Above that, all of our dried goods are stored in Oxo containers I collected over a few different trips to HomeGoods and Marshalls. Obviously, I still need a few more 😉

The very top shelf holds two more bins that I found for $7 a piece at Marshalls. These hold paper products (plates, napkins, etc), as well as extra boxes of zip locks, tin foil, etc. They are SO not me (decor-wise), but don’t worry, I fixed them 🙂

Over behind the door, I wall mounted our broom, mop and swiffer vac. It’s so convenient that it can plug right in to charge as needed!

So at the end of a weekend, I had the room organized and functioning again. Instead of opening the door, throwing stuff in, and slamming the door shut…I was happy to leave the door wide open and was even excited to go in an out as needed. Organizing a space so that it perfectly meets our family’s needs is like breathing fresh air to me!

Now, you can bet it didn’t stay that way (photo above) for too long. With it organizing to a T, I got right to work giving it some “Megan” personality. Here’s a sneak peek for you 🙂 You’ll have to come by next week to see all the details!

I hope everyone has a fantastic long weekend! As usual, I have ours’ chocked full of projects I’d love to get done. We’ll see what actually gets completed! Have a good one, and see you Monday with more laundry room love!

See You Soon!