Let’s talk about my living room! Gasp! Yes, you read that right, my living room. Around here, it’s almost the room “that must not be named” – true progress in here has been painfully slow going. For a room that we spend a majority of our time in, it has proven to be my hardest to complete in this house. In fact, the last update here on the blog was a “sneak peak” I gave you way back in September with this riveting photo:

Lemon Lime Console Table-011

Back then, I told you I was “on a roll,” and so I thought I was! I had banished the black and red from the color scheme in order to usher in a more bright and “me” color scheme. I had found one simple piece of art (only measuring 11×14″) that had all the colors I wanted and even found/made some pillows in the new scheme. Still, a single piece of artwork and a few pillows weren’t cutting it. This room had a LONG way to go to give me that finished/put together look I was craving; and finding and coordinating those details were really giving me a run for my money.

(Excuse this really old photo, it’s the only one I could find to give you a sense for the blank wall and the big couch!)

Living Room Art-011

My main problem? (Oh – besides the complete lack of style and coordinating elements?) I was having quite a bit of trouble finding artwork for above the couch that would pull all the adjoining rooms together (the playroom, the entryway/living room, and the dining room). The room was just so bland that I really felt like it needed a huge punch of color to catch up with the adjoining spaces. And with a statement on the walls, I knew I could get the rest of the room to follow suit. I just needed that jumping off/coordinating element that would work with everything else!

2 Years Later-002

2 Years Later-001

My color scheme wasn’t overly limiting, as my main colors (turquoise, kelly green and bright citron) are seemingly everywhere in fabrics, art and decor these days. In fact, my Artwork Board is chock full of really promising contenders, all of which I have poured over and poured over and come close to purchasing on several occasions!

Living Room Art-003

1 / 2 / 3

4 / 5

Living Room Art-004

6 / 7 / 8

9 / 10 / 11

Even with these great options, I never found anything I was willing to plop down money for and drill holes in the wall for! My main issue with the above prints was that most of them are quite small for the actual space above the couch, and none of them seemed to work just right with each other (and honestly, creating a well-collected gallery wall is NOT my strong suit!). I even went as far as commissioning a gal to do some art for me. When that fell through, I was back at square one. And so our wall sat…empty still…for many more months.

In recent weeks (and upon the realization that we only have about a year left in this home), I renewed my hunt for artwork. After hours of staring at the blank wall over the course of two years, I finally decided to nix the gallery wall idea. We already have several gallery walls throughout the house, and I just really wanted something big with super saturated color. The only hitch? It had to be the right colors!

Exhausted of searching my favorite and trusty online (affordable) art sources, I was finally coming to the conclusion that I was going to have to create my own art. For a gal who will try to DIY anything, painting art scares me to death and I really didn’t have any confidence in my ability to do so. So I did what any DIYer does, and I started pouring over tutorials and collecting ideas that I was brave enough to try myself…

Then last week, I was strolling through Marshalls looking for some items for an upcoming project when I noticed a bright turquoise edge on a piece of artwork tucked behind a pile of other pieces. I always glance through the art at Marshalls/TJMaxx/HomeGoods/Ross, but I rarely find anything even closet to my taste. Curious, I pulled all the art away to reveal a 35″ square canvas painted with my exact color scheme…for $70. I almost fell over!

Living Room Art-005

Without hesitation, I carried it to the register, paid for it, and brought it home. I knew I wouldn’t be able to decide for sure in the store. Yes, the colors were right, but was it what I wanted for the spot above my couch after all this time? I propped it up on the back of the couch, still in its packaging with the receipt in my wallet, for an entire week. At first I wasn’t sure, but with each passing day, as I edited accessories and looked at it in different lights, I became more and more convinced I had finally found my art!!!

This past weekend, I broke out the drill and screws and got it up on the wall!

Living Room Art-006

I’m still kind of in shock that I found exactly what I was looking for. In a perfect world, I was hoping for something around a 30-40″ square, that didn’t require framing, included my entire color palette, and didn’t cost a small fortune! This one was it! As I have continued to edit and play with other accessories in the space (which I am still not done with!), this whole side of the house is finally having that connected feel I was going for!

Living Room Art-007

I don’t have all the connecting details just right, but I couldn’t help but show you how this whole space connects. I know it’s super hard to tell through pictures, especially on a blog, and my photography isn’t the best, but the colors in the painting now unify the turquoise play area, the lemon-lime yellow entryway, and the kelly green dining space.

Living Room Art-008

Living Room Art-009

To say the least, I am pretty excited about this Marshalls score. I realize it’s not a super high-end piece of art, but it 100% fits the bill for this space right now! It’s now given me the inspiration and the kick in the pants to finally pull this room together. Here’s hoping I can get the rest of the details right and finally love this space!

Living Room Art-010

What do you think of my new art? Was my wait (and struggle) worth it in the end? Do you like the single piece of art or should I have gone with several pieces in a gallery arrangement?

I’m typing this as Hurricane Arthur pounds outside my window! I can’t believe I got the whole thing written without loosing power once! Hopefully the storm is out of here in the morning, as we are looking forward to a beautiful holiday weekend ahead! Happy 4th, friends! See you next week!

See You Soon!