It’s October! and ’tis the season for fun-and-funky, black-and-orange, Halloween-themed crafts! If you’re looking for a quick, cheap, and easy gift idea for the neighbors, teachers, co-workers or friends, I have just the thing for you!

Halloween Treats-001

I made these cute little treat buckets using some simple tin buckets from the Dollar Spot at Target and other supplies from around the house. They are inexpensive and super versatile, so you can really get creative with what you do to them and what you put in them!

Halloween Treats-002

I started out by cutting some Jack-o-lantern faces from black contact paper using my Cricut. I believe this image was from the Paper Dolls cartridge! I just applied the face parts to the metal buckets and saved the pumpkin cut outs for another project.

Halloween Treats-003

Next, I removed the ribbon it came with and replaced it with a festive white and orange houndstooth ribbon from my stash!

Halloween Treats-004

I didn’t have any green tissue paper or decorative grass to fill the buckets, but these polka dot napkins did just the trick!

Halloween Treats-005

I could have just filled the buckets with some treats and called it a day, but it was missing a little something, so I whipped up some medallions to pop in the cups.

Halloween Treats-006

If you’ve never tried these, medallions are really simple and fun to make. You need some strips of cardstock and some circles..

Halloween Treats-007

I started by cutting some 12×12 cardstock down to two 12×2.5″ strips. I then scored the cardstock every half inch using a paper scorer.

Halloween Treats-008

Next, fold away as if you were making a paper fan, like back when you were in Kindergarten 😉 Next, use hot glue to attach once strip to the other to  make one long accordion strip.

Halloween Treats-009

Now, glue one end of your accordion strip to the other, making a full circle. Have your hot glue gun ready! Put a dollop of glue on one black circle, smoosh your paper ring down toward the center and affix it with the black dot. Wait and let the glue fully dry before you let go.

Halloween Treats-010

Repeat on the back side with another black circle and big glop of hot glue. I added a wooden skewer to the back and the letters “boo” to the front.

Halloween Treats-011

You can make these medallion decorations assembly-line style (i.e., cut everything, score all the paper, fold all the paper, etc), and they really do come together quickly! Such a fun and happy little treat for the neighbors, teachers, whoever!

Halloween Treats-012

You can really pop anything inside these buckets, but I grabbed a couple bags of candy corn and loaded them up!

Halloween Treats-013

Happy Halloween neighbors!

Halloween Treats-014

As we speak, I am (finally!!!) taking pictures of a furniture makeover a long time coming – I mean, this piece has been done since February! Time to get it up here on the blog already. I should have it ready for you on Wednesday! See you then!

See You Soon!