Two days until Christmas, and I am officially done with all my holiday sewing and crafts!  There were projects I would have loved to get done, but all the “musts” are complete, and I am thrilled with everything I accomplished.  Once all the presents are unwrapped on Sunday morning, I’ll be posting pics of everything I made…but these…I couldn’t wait to post!

My sister’s family, who we will be spending the holidays with for the first time in six years (EXCITED!), has a tradition of wearing matching jammies on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  Since we’re around this year, we get to partake in the tradition.  Usually, my sister makes all the jammie pants, but ten pairs for this year exceeded the “reasonable” limit.  Black Friday deals combined with free shipping at Target made much more “cents” (hardy har har har), so we all purchased cute matching Santa jammies!  Since the boys don’t wear the matching shirts..there was plenty of fabric to go around to make my Little Man a pair too!
Here is where I started:
There was only one problem, though!  You may remember that I am totally intimidated and inexperienced sewing clothes…especially little clothes for little people!  My sister, however, had the upmost confidence in me that I could make a small pair of pants (especially since I can do this!), but also suggested that I made a practice pair first (good idea!).  
So I dug around my fabric stash and found this very funky, very retro green striped flannel.  I used a pair of my son’s pants as a pattern and this tutorial to make a practice pair of jammie pants.  Turned out okay, don’t you think?
My confidence boosted, I set out to make the Santa pair.  I decided to use the already hemmed and trimmed sleeve cuff to make the pant legs…they look JUST like Mommy’s and Daddy’s pants!!!
So easy!!  I ended up with two adorable pairs of baby flannel jammie pants in about an hour!
 And what does the baby think of them?
I think he likes them!
So…you may recall that I started with an X-LARGE shirt! These little pants only used the sleeves, meaning that I had A LOT of Santa fabric left to play with.  I’ve had this tutorial tucked away on my “To Do” for a while, and knew I HAD to make one for Christmas Eve night!!  (BTW – Ashley is such a DIY inspiration – I lover ALL of her stuff!)
Overwhelmed at the idea of more baby clothes AND putting in a zipper, I almost tucked the idea back away for another Christmas…but I wanted to make one “sew” badly (hardy har har har).  I followed Ashley’s instructions to a ‘T’ (including her zipper tutorial) and ended up here:
EEEEK!  I can’t even get over it!  It just makes me smile looking at it!  But you know what makes me smile even more?  Seeing this little guy IN it!
I can’t WAIT for Christmas Eve!!!!
Oh – and what did I do with those lovely green striped pants?  I decided to make a cute little onesie to wear with them for Christmas Day!
How did I do it?  I simply designed a cute little image using MDS:
Then I printed it on transfer paper and ironed it on to a plain cheep onesie (note – I changed the colors to match the pants).
Oh, and did you notice the sleeve?  I couldn’t resist!
I think He-Man’s holiday wardrobe is now done!  I am not sure who is more excited for Christmas eve/morning/day to come, me or him?
I think he is! 😉

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