Inspiration.  Again, I wanted to use Liz Claiborne’s Extrovert Peach Blossom fabric to coordinate with the rest of the house, but this time I chose to accentuate the green and blue.  I ended up introducing a blue and green stripe, as well as some pink geometric fabric to try and bring it all together.  I really struggled to bring this room together, and don’t think I was ever quite successful.  But, like with so many of my projects, I learned a lot!


This is where we started: a blue room, with lots of junk, mis-matched furniture, random odds and ends, and no real vision.
 Here is where we ended up:

Curtains.  The windows in this room made positioning the furniture quite a challenge.  Admittedly, we were probably trying to squeeze too many pieces in.  Nonetheless, there was no great place to put the “headboard” so I made a small, useless window the focal point of the bed.  I found these curtain panels at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  They were way too short, so I knew I wouldn’t use them as curtains.  Instead, they worked perfectly behind the bed to soften the room and serve as a faux headboard.
Bedding.  I found another white quilt (just like my C&B one!) at Marshals (Love!).  It was a queen size, but I just tucked and tucked and tucked it under this twin mattress and box spring!  The sheets were a splurge: Amy Butler bedding.  The quilt at the foot of the bed was also bought at Linen’N’Things Going-Out-Of-Business clearance sale!
Pillows Sham.  I made the pillow sham using my striped fabric to tie all the greens to the blue wall.  I cut out two shams, but because it was a twin bed, I only made one.  (The other is still cut out and ready to be assembled in my “to-do” box!)  I followed this pattern to make it:  XXXX.

Bedskirt.  I thought this was one of my more clever ideas (if I do say so myself!).  I bought a cheep taupe bedskirt with clean lines and simple pleats at the corners and in the middle.  I then cut scraps of my Liz Claiborne theme fabric to fit the insides of the pleats.  Using fusible webbing, I ironed the fabric into the pleat for a pop of unexpected pattern and color!

Window Valence.  The window valence was a very simple rectangle sewn out of cheep white fabric.  I added green borders to three sides and left openings on the top/sides for the rod to go through.  Then I constructed simple “tie backs” (essentially, big loops) out of my striped fabric to coordinate with the bedding.

Lamp shades.  Here is where I started to loose my focus – maybe?  I added in the pink geometric fabric.  I did it because I was in love with the pattern and I thought the green/blue was a little flat.  Although I loved the pink, I think this is where the room began to derail!  Regardless though, I learned how to cover lamp shades and fabric boxes!  The lamp shades were covered using my accent fabric with a glue gun.  Should have definately trimmed the tops and bottoms (on both the in and outside) with a trim to cover the rough edges – especially when the light is on! Duh!

Fabric Boxes.  These fabric boxes were bought in Okinawa.  I chose to keep the white ones plain, but covered the dark brown ones in my accent fabric.  These were messily done with scraps of fabric and a glue gun (hence why they are up high!)  I did love the look of the pattern up high!


Message Board.  To tie the patterns together, I needed to bring in my main flowered fabric.  I chose to do so in a message board.  This is a huge piece of painter’s canvas, covered in fabric.  I then used a glue gun to adhere a clip board (decoupaged with scrapbook paper), a magnetic wipe board, and a cork board.  Note – hot glue was NOT strong enough and I was constantly putting this board back together.  Hurumph! But it sure looked cute!

Chair Cushion.  I also brought in the theme fabric with the chair cushion on the desk.  I simply used the cushion that came with the chair as a pattern.  The top was my flowered fabric, the underside was my accent pink fabric, and the middle band was my plain green.  I used ribbons in the corners to keep the cushion tied to the chair!

Other Accents.  Lastly, to bring in my pinks and flowers some more, I made a simple throw pillow for the bed and applied these flowered decals to the wall.  Note – these are NOT a good idea for a frequent mover.  These flowers specifically went up in one easy step, but to take them down, I had to remove petal after petal after stem after stem.  They were, therefor, NOT re-usable.  Ugg – not only did they not have the desired effect I was hoping for, but they were a waste of money since I couldn’t reuse them!
Craft Closet.  Since this apartment was a small, two-bedroom unit, this room had to serve as office, guest room, and craft room.  The closet, therefor, became my craft storage space.  We used the modular shelves (also seen here) and stacked them in the side and back of the closet.  My Y100 bins came in handy again, allowing me quick access to my supplies as I needed them!

Guest Bath Towels.  Our guest bathroom was blah – I never really “decorated” it, but I did spruce up some plain towels for our guests to use.  The blue and taupe towels were trimmed with a coordinating ribbon, and the plain white towels were given a strip of my flowered theme fabric.

See You Soon!