Inspiration.  In the master bathroom, I used the same orange and pink scheme that I used in the master bedroom.  In fact, I had so much of the pink and orange checked fabric that it became the “theme” fabric in here too!
Towels.  I used the same towels that I made in Okinawa.  Even though I changed out the shower curtain and dropped the navy blue and yellow from our previous bathroom, these towels still worked!
Art.  Again, this is the same artwork as our Okinawa bathroom.  Even though I no longer had the cart featuring the same papers, by keeping to the same color scheme meant that I didn’t have to completely re-do the wall “decor.”


Shower Curtain.  Because we had glass paneled doors for our shower, I didn’t need a “functional” shower curtain.  So instead of wasting fabric to make it standard size, I simple cut my desired length from my 54″ width fabric.  I hemmed the panel on all sides and attached grommets to the top.  Square shower hooks mimicked the pattern of the fabric and allowed me to suspend my curtain from a simple tension rod.
Flowers.  I bought these red-hued fabric flowers in a bunch with orange and yellow flowers that were used in the kitchen.  I plucked them out and hung them in these floating flower vases.  The flowers added a bold punch of color in this bland and boring bathroom!
See You Soon!