Before leaving Okinawa, I bought up way too many a few of these spectacular ceramic pots from a Japanese pottery center.  In the months prior to our move off the island, they sat like this:

When we arrived in beautiful, sunny San Diego, I was so excited to use my pots to make an outside oasis in our urban condo.  Not knowing much about plants, I walked (we lived across the street) over to Lowes and bought a variety of plants that grew in the shade as our patio received no direct sunlight.

After a Saturday afternoon of work with my husband, out patio looked like this!

Notice this fantastic bench was the same one I used inside back in Okinawa.  We also were able to find homes for our Japanese Rice God, our ShiShi dogs, an Owl, and a few other garden items!

Lastly, we also had this random pot rack lying around our garage (I had originally bought it for my mother who then decided she didn’t want it).  Our kitchen wasn’t conducive to a hanging pot rack, and I did NOT want it lying around the garage…so look at our clever idea!

We simply lined the bottom with this hay-like moss and then padded the sides with some rubber gardening something-or-other 🙂  We filled the rack with soil and planted easy-to-grow philodendrons!   The effect was spectacular and we were so proud of our clever use for our pot rack!

See You Soon!