I finally finished my tree skirt last night!  It took a little longer than I anticipated (the joys of having an 8-month old!), but I am just thrilled with the result!

One of the hardest parts of this whole project was deciding which of my 18 (yes, 18!) holiday fabrics to use!  I (finally) decided on these 8 gorgeous prints:

I used this photo for inspiration and followed the provided pattern almost exactly! The only thing I did different was the mitered corners.  This was also a significant decision time-wise, because it meant that I had to sew the binding on the back all by hand – doh!  Oh well – the result was worth it!

The skirt ties in the back of the tree with two coordinating bows:

My ONLY regret for the project is that it’s a little small, but I love the fabrics so much and it came out so cute, that I am going to pretend it’s bigger than it is!  Plus, it will be covered with presents (hopefully soon!) anyway!

 My tree isn’t done yet (next thing on my list!), but here is sneak peak of her!  We’ll soon be adding some “jewelry” for her to wear with her new skirt!

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