A few weeks ago, I showed you how I styled our media hutch (if you missed the post, you can read it here!) You might recall that I closed with the photo below, demonstrating how the wall to the right of our entertainment unit felt vacant to me. This picture was my way of figuring out if something would work on the wall there. Since that post I’ve been really drawn to the idea of some sort of mini gallery with repeating art and/or simple frames in a vertical pattern…

My original plan was to find or create some art for this space, but when photos from a recent family photo shoot turned out about a million times better than I could have ever hoped, I couldn’t wait to display them in our home. I’ve talked before about how I have a tough time displaying family photos because I feel like our little guy changes so fast that the photos feel old to me very quickly. However, these family shots seem so timeless to me, and I knew they would be just perfect on that blank stretch of wall!

Although I paid for nice photo printing, I kept this project otherwise on-the-cheep by using old frames and painting both the mats and frames high gloss white. This room has been feeling so dark to me lately, and the white frames were exactly what it needed to lighten it up!

I don’t really think this picture does this side of the room justice, but it’s the best I could get. I’ve been amazed what adding these simple pictures has done to the room. It feels so much more complete to me; and I have to admit, seeing those pictures all day everyday just makes me heart smile.

In case you can’t really see them, take a look at my precious family!

These were just a tiny sample of the amazing photos we got that day, I have plans for more of them so stay tuned!

You might also remember in another recent post, that I’ve been struggling with this same room (it’s our living room/play room, and the room we spend about 90% of our time in!). I mentioned that we made great progress in certain areas (the wall, the cornices, the end tables) but that it was lacking a fun-ness and fresh-ness that I crave in my house. It has just seemed very dark and drab to me.

Well, I’ve been staring at this room A LOT, and brainstorming, and Pinterest browsing, and fabric shopping (Me? Fabric shop? Never!!) and think I have (finally) come up with a direction I am excited about. Here’s a sneak peak of where I’m headed.

As usual, I’ve got about a million things I’m working on all at once…all in between trips to the pool, park and playing with the neighbors. Who knows when I’ll finally get it all pulled together (soon I hope!), but I couldn’t wait to give you a glance at where I’m headed. What do you think?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! See you back here next week!
See You Soon!