I for one hate junk gifts.  The gift that says “I had no idea what to get you so I got you a candle/wine opener/dish towels (you get the idea!)”.  I hate getting something I really don’t want, don’t have a use for, and worst of all, don’t have a PLACE for!

I do love to eat yummy food, though!  So for Christmas, I love to give homemade edible gifts.  However, because I am sure everyone gets their fill of cookies, fudge, and fruit cake (read: fat, sugar, and calories!), I like to give different and healthier (but equally as scrumptious) treats.

Here are some of my favorite recipes to give as gifts.  People are always pleasantly surprised by the fudge/fruit cake alternative, and I always get rave reviews for taste!
Pictured above (left) is a box of Martha Stewart’s Homemade Granola.  It’s super easy to make in large batches and you can use any fruit/nut combination you like!  It also makes the house smell wonderful!
On the right is a jar of Friendship Soup.  I simply layered dried green split peas, red quinoa, barley, lentils, brown rice, and festive pasta in a glass jar.  I put all the spices in plastic baggies on the very top before closing the lid.  I formatted instructions on my computer and printed them out on glossy cardstock.  
Here are the directions formatted:
I then glam up the packaging to make it visually exciting and fun to open!  Who wouldn’t want to receive (and eat!) this?
Another food gift I love to gift is Giada’s Toasted Checchi, Almonds & Pistachios.  This is also super quick and easy to make in large batches.  (Note: Don’t make this too far ahead of time because the garbanzo beans can go moldy.  I guess you could store in the fridge/freezer if giving longer than 2-3 days away).  Same as the granola and soup, I filled cute glass jars with the mix, added a coordinated label, and combined with some other tasty treats for a gourmet gift!
Here is a picture of the granola (back), nuts, and soup all packaged ready to go!
Lastly, you can enhance your homemade items with some store-bought ones as well!  Below, I added in an assortment of fruit/nut bars for my nutrition-savy girlfriend.  For someone who appreciates good food and good health, this is truly a gift to enjoy!
See You Soon!