Inspiration.  The foundation for this room was the bedding purchased from Target.  I bought the duvet cover, two sets of sheets (one navy blue/white pattern, one plain navy blue), and one more flat sheet to make the bed skirt and screen panels.  

Headboard.  Inspired by all the DIY articles on how to make a headboard, I decided to give it a try.  Again, not having a home improvement store nearby meant that I literally had to figure everything out on my own with the help of a few websites and magazines.  I purchased 2 pieces of plywood (for the front and back), and then several feet of 2x4s.  Using a handheld saw, a hammer, and nails, I haphazardly cut and nailed a rectangular box together.  I then covered the entire board with quilt batting using a staple gun.  Lastly, I purchased a luxurious brown and navy sheet set on clearance and used the flat sheet to make a slip cover for the headboard.  I used navy blue piping on the slip cover to compliment the bedding.
Bolster Pillow.  The brown sheets that I used for the headboard had a brown and navy blue striped pattern at the top of the flat sheet.  I used the stripes to make a long bolster pillow for the bed to tie both the sheets and headboard together.  I simply sewed a long tub, filled it with cotton “fluff” and used ribbon to tie off the ends.  Lesson Learned:  use a pillow form for such long pillows!  Moving this pillow around was always awkward because it was floppy.

Bedskirt.  I purchased an extra flat sheet of our bedding set to make a bedskirt.  I simply sewed a ~2 foot wide strip 3/4 the way around a plain white square the size of our queen mattress.  
Fabric Screen.  I purchased this iron-framed changing screen from a Japanese department store.  The original fabric panels were leopard print!  Once I saw that they attached on the top and bottom with Velcro, I knew I could easily change and customize the panels for any room!  I used the remaining fabric from my extra flat sheet to make panels for this screen.  The screen was both decorative and functional – it hid the ugly air conditioning unit in the corner!
Changes!  Toward the end of our tour in Okinawa, we purchased these end tables and trunk for the foot of the bed.  Due to the size of the end tables, we had to (unfortunately) get rid of the headboard.  The artwork that hung above the bed provided a nice focal point in the absence of the headboard!
See You Soon!