This room was part of the same big room as the Living Room so the decor scheme was the same to unify the rooms.

Placemats. These were the VERY first project I made with my sewing machine when I got it.  I used the blue stripe and instead of hemming the sides, I lined them with plain white (like a pillowcase) and flipped them right side out.
Napkins.  I used the red polka dot fabric.  These were the cutest and I came up with the idea all by myself!  I lined four rectangles with plain white fabric (same as above).  I then added a button hole to one side and a simple white button to the other.  Instead of folding them or needing napkin rings, they simply rolled and buttoned shut!
Tablecloth.  This table cloth was inspired out of a William Sonoma catalog.  I just loved the mixing of a floral and a stripe.  When I first made the table cloth, I made it to fit our government-issued dining room table.  When we moved in to our permanent housing, we were issued you a different size table so it never quite fit right!  Lesson learned – make table linens “standard sizes” rather than to fit a specific piece of furniture.

Chairs.  I put white slip covers on our originial issued chairs, but when we got a different table, we also were given different chairs.  I improved upon the ugly brown vinyl cushions by adding some “flair” by simply covering the cushions with my red polka dot fabric and a staple gun.
All rooms in base housing were painted this lovely “cream” color that actually looked yellow.  To add some interest, we purchased plain, bright white paint and added wide stripes.  This was one of the easiest and most effective projects I’ve ever done, and painting the wall back to its original condition was super simple since we only had to cover the stripes!
Shelves. We added floating shelves spray painted red. Atop the shelves were frames matted with coordinating scrapbook paper and filled with our favorite wedding photos. A few small candle holders and coffee/tea/sugar tins completed the wall.  
Plant stand. Every room in this entire apartment had these very large air conditioner units placed in the most awkward of spots.  I covered this one with a table runner and used it as a plant stand.
Curtains.  Next to table, we had 4 very tall sliding glass doors.  Desperate not to buy more curtains, I was determined to use the fabric I had left.  I had no plan or design in my head, but I had 4 white sheers and limited yardage left of the red polka dot and green stripe.  The design was born simply out of necessity and remaining fabric and they turned out just spectacularly.  My favorite part was that they added a wonderful splash of color while still allowing a lot of sunlight in.  The play of all the patterns made them such fun, and I’ve never received so many compliments on anything else I’ve ever made!  I never got a great picture of them, but here you can see the bottoms and in the next picture you can see the tops.
Lessons Learned.

  • Make table linens standard sizes to fit whatever table you use in a particular space.
  • Don’t get locked into specific design ideas – the curtains would have never come to be if I had been determined to mimic a magazine picture.  I considered what materials I had, the length I needed to cover, and went from there!
  • Tone on tone paint treatments, like the wall stripes, have major impact for little work.
See You Soon!