Hey Everyone! Are you having a good week? Holiday weeks always throw me off, the week seems to go by too slow and too fast at the same time! With my husband home a little extra this weekend, I was able to make some exciting progress in our office space. I’ve been hard at work in here lately, and things feel like they are finally coming together after months of the room feeling sad, cluttered and mis-matched. Last week I showed you our Office Desk reveal, and I hinted that right next to the desk, I was working on another little nook. I have it all done and ready to show you today!

Office Printer Nook-001

This wall between the window and the closet in this room is an awkward little space, but just the right size to act as an extension of our desk area. Not only does this little spot now feature a great display surface, but underneath it’s super hard working!

Office Printer Nook-002

Want to see what I mean? Peek-a-boo!

Office Printer Nook-017

Under this little table holds our family filing cabinet, our printer, and our laminator (both all hooked up and ready to go when needed!) I absolutely love the fact that these unsightly but oh-so-important items are accessible but hidden from view (and little fingers that like to push the printer buttons!)

This little area hasn’t always looked so great. If you don’t believe me, here are the before shots. This filing cabinet (from IKEA) is a great size, but its low height made it a catch-all for junk. I could never keep it clear and it just became an all-too-easy place to throw things. Add that to some awkwardly placed frames on the wall, and this little spot was just a mess that really wasn’t working.

Office Printer Nook-023

Getting this little spot in order happened in several, drawn-out stages. Over the summer, out went the clutter and I focused on organizing the files within the filing cabinet (tedious but necessary work). Then, I went on a hunt for some sort of table that would fit over our filing cabinet and conceal it along with our printer/laminator. Turned out this desk from Wayfair was both the right size and price tag. (For whatever it’s worth, this desk is cheepo quality. I guess you get what you pay for, but I was honestly expecting a slightly better product. The desk is paper covered and I don’t foresee it surviving our next move…but, it gets the job done here so I can’t complain too much.)   

Office Printer Nook-024

After a few months off from this space, inspiration struck again and I finally put the finishing touches on this little table. Thanks to an awesome idea from my neighbor, I gave the table a perfectly tailored skirt to conceal the legs and office equipment underneath. I have a tutorial on how I did this coming up – it was easier than you might think!

Office Printer Nook-007

With that done, I set to work filling the top with pretty and functional goodies!

Office Printer Nook-008

My other gold lamp was the perfect start to this display (see how I painted it HERE). Not only does it add some visual hight, but it also brings light to the center of the room (well needed during night-time crafting!)

Office Printer Nook-009

Yep, that’s my cork board you last saw HERE. It got another makeover – I’ll show you this quick makeover in the coming weeks too! The bulletin board now holds inspiration images, fabric swatches and anything else I don’t want to lose track of!

Office Printer Nook-010

When I was a little perplexed on what else to put on this table, I realized that my craft supplies made the perfect accessories! I loaded my pens/pencils, glitter and washi tape into glass vessels I already had. Mmmmm, just lovely, don’t you think?

Office Printer Nook-011

I’m not gonna lie, these little jars filled with crafting goodies is one of my favorite elements of the room now. Come back and see me on Friday, I’ll show you the SUPER simple way I added those gold labels!

Office Printer Nook-012

Office Printer Nook-013

I found the hummingbird print online and printed it on photo paper. It just seemed to work right. The frame was from our stash in the garage – what luck that it had a gold mat!

Office Printer Nook-014

One of my other favorite elements in this little nook (and the whole room) is our new faux deer head mounted above the table. I first saw this little guy over on Kate’s holiday display and knew I had to have one of my own. We haven’t named him yet 😉

Office Printer Nook-025

To give you a sense for how the room is coming together, here is the “office” side of the space (the other half of the room is the Craft Counter which is still in progress). Ooooo – I just love the functionality and the details in this space now!

Office Printer Nook-018

I’ve really been working hard to style my spaces so that they look great and work well for how we live in them. It looks pretty simple here, but getting these details just right took me all weekend. I kept coming in, changing one element, walking away, coming back, moving things around, etc. I am thrilled with how this awkward wall space turned into the gem of the room!

Office Printer Nook-020

Little by little this office space has come together. I have a few more project tutorials to show you, and then will have the full “office tour” reveal here for you soon! While I’m working through these tutorials, I am busy finishing up the otherside of the room. I SO want this space done! Can’t wait to show you more, so stick around!!!

See You Soon!