As I think I’ve mentioned a million times, my family and I just moved to eastern North Carolina, and boy is it hot here! And based on the national news, I am pretty sure it’s hot where you are too! These days, whether unpacking boxes in the garage, going out for a run,  running errands around town, or playing at the park with my toddler, my hair is in a permanent pony tail. The only problem is that my hair is short, fine, and frizzy, which means I seemingly have a constant “halo” of wispies around my face. I am always reaching for headbands to tame those frizzes, but (until  now!), I’ve only had exercise “sweat” bands stay put long enough to do the job; and while functional, they sure aren’t fashionable!  Then recently, I was working on a project that left me with a good supply of leftover Velcro, and I knew it was just the trick for making my headbands stick (ha!).

No Slip Headbands 001

Hey, don’t knock it ’till you try it! These babies don’t move a centimeter And no, they 
do not pull your hair out when you take them off! What’s even better, they don’t take a lot of supplies, they are super quick to make (about 5-10 minutes), and are a great way to use up ribbon or scraps of fabric! Oh! And the possibilities are endless…here’s just three different ideas I came up with!

No Slip Headbands 002
Let me show you how I made each one!

Although slightly different, all three “styles” of headband follow the same construction, just with small variations. To make the “basic” ribbon top model, here is what you will need!

No Slip Headbands 003

1. Center and pin Velcro to the ribbon. Select which piece of ribbon (if they are different) will be the underside to your headband (the part that touches your head!). Center the Velcro on the RIGHT side of the ribbon (if there is one), and pin it down the length of the ribbon with straight pins. You should have an extra 1/2″ or so of ribbon on each end (beyond the Velcro).

No Slip Headbands 004

2. Sew Velcro to the ribbon. Starting in one corner (it doesn’t matter which one), sew around all four sides of the Velcro, attaching it securely to the ribbon. Try to sew as close to the edge of the Velcro as you can.

No Slip Headbands 005

Once you’ve sewn on your Velcro, this is what you’ll end up with. Note what I am calling the “right” side versus the “wrong” side.

No Slip Headbands 006

3. Pin the Velcro ribbon to the other length of ribbon. With WRONG sides together, pin the ribbon you just sewed (with the Velcro) to the ribbon you want for the top of your headband (this is the part that will show when you’re wearing it).

No Slip Headbands 007

Just to keep all the sides clear, here is what I mean by WRONG sides. Because ribbon already has a finished edge, there is no flipping involved in this project. Therefor, when you pin the two ribbons together, you want your RIGHT sides to be facing outward.

No Slip Headbands 008

5. Insert the elastic into ONE end of the ribbon. First, only attach the elastic to ONE end of the ribbon. Here is how to do it!
  • a) Fold down the end of the Velcro ribbon toward the center, just to where the Velcro starts.
  • b) Flip the whole thing over, and repeat using the outside ribbon. Essentially, fold the two ends toward each other.
  • c) Insert one end of the elastic about a 1/2″ or so and pin shut.

No Slip Headbands 009

Again, only insert it into one side (for now!)

No Slip Headbands 010

6. Sew the elastic end. Using a sewing machine, sew the elastic and the ends shut by simply going back and forth 3-4 times (to make it nice and strong).

No Slip Headbands 011

7. Sew the sides of the ribbons shut. Once the end is shut (and the elastic is firmly sewn in), sew down each side of the headband, attaching the two pieces of ribbon to each other. 

No Slip Headbands 012

But be sure to STOP at the end of each side – don’t sew the other opening shut!

No Slip Headbands 013

Here is how i recommend sewing your headband:

No Slip Headbands 014

8. Insert the elastic to the other end of the headband. Repeating the process you did in step 5, insert the elastic into the other end of the headband. (Make sure your elastic ins’t twisted!)

No Slip Headbands 015

9. Stich the headband shut. Again going back-and-forth a few times, stitch the headband shut at the other elastic insertion.

No Slip Headbands 016

And you’re all done! Easy, huh?!?

No Slip Headbands 017

After making two of these easy ribbon headbands, I really wanted to be able to do the same thing with fabric – just think of the different looks you could make with fabric as an option too! After a failed attempt at the sewing-and-flip-right-side-out approach, I went about it a different way!
To make the headband with a fabric top, you start the same way!
1. Center and pin Velcro to the ribbon. 
2. Sew Velcro to the ribbon. 

No Slip Headbands 018

3. Prepare a fabric strip. Cut a 16″+ length of fabric (or use a scrap like I did!) about 3 inches wide. Fold it in half with RIGHT sides together and sew down the edge. I used my serger to finsih the edge in order to reduce the amount of bulk on the inside of the strip once it was flipped right-side-out.

No Slip Headbands 019

4. Flip the strip right-side-out. Using a safety pin (or one of those fancy turning tools), flip your fabric strip right-side-out.

No Slip Headbands 020

5. Press the fabric flat. With the seem running down the center of the fabric strip, press the fabric strip flat.

No Slip Headbands 021

6. Pin the fabric strip to the ribbon with Velcro. Like before, with WRONG sides together, pin the fabric to the ribbon strip.

No Slip Headbands 022

Finish the headband the same way as above.

7. Pin down the length of the ribbon.
8. Fold the ends of the ribbon inwards.
9. Insert the elastic into one end.
10. Sew the elastic in and the end shut.
11. The elastic and sides should be sewn shut.
12. Finish by inserting the elastic into the remaining end and sewing shut.

No Slip Headbands 023

Love this one – just a little more glamorous!

No Slip Headbands 024

Last but not least, I added a little “ruffle” to the top of my last headband.

Again, start the same way:

1. Center and pin Velcro to the ribbon. 
2. Ruffle the ribbon. Using pins, create 5-6 ruffles/pleats on one end of the ribbon strip.

No Slip Headbands 025

3. Attach the ruffled ribbon to the Velcro ribbon. No need to baste, just go ahead and use more pins to attach the ruffled ribbon to the Velcro ribbon with WRONG sides together. Finish the rest of the headband as above!

No Slip Headbands 026

Here’s the ruffle headband after an entire day of chores around there house!
No Slip Headbands 027

And the pink ribbon one after a four mile run!

No Slip Headbands 028

I am so addicted – I can’t wait to make more!

No Slip Headbands 029

That’s all I’ve got for you today! Have a great Monday!

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See You Soon!