It’s Toolbox Tuesday, friends! And I am so excited to be uploading the next two installments of The Family HUB to my online library! Part 3 – About Our Home contains some of the most often-requested resources I get: printable home management worksheets. From paint colors and home improvements, to the layout of your breaker box and room-by-room inventories, these 25+ pages give you space to record every detail so nothing gets overlooked! Part 4 of The Family HUB is dedicated to Dates & Schedules, and this kit features 20+ pages of various calendars and planners to help you easily track recurring occasions, special events and routine happenings in a way that works best for you! Both of these kits are an integral part of The Family HUB system, so let me show them to you in more detail!

Home Management Worksheets

Last month, I introduced my latest printable system to you all: The Family HUB – the ultimate, customizable home management system that can help you track every detail of your life and home! My pure excitement for this latest series of printables must have been contagious because I heard from so many of you who are ready and excited to assemble your Family HUB right along side of me!

Home Management Worksheets

Part 3 | About Our Home

When I surveyed Toolbox members about what they needed most in an “ultimate home binder,” requests came pouring in for resources to log and track aaaalll the home stuff. Specifically, paint colors, landscaping, household inventories, to do lists, utility providers, maintenance procedures…you get the idea! All of these requests were compiled together into a single HUB section, designated by the dark turquoise color and the heart-in-home symbol across the bottom of all the pages.

Home Management Worksheets

Part 3 | About Our Home Kit features more than 25 color-coded pages and includes the following worksheets:

  • Home Exterior & Interior Specs
  • Room-by-Room Specs
  • Room Design Planner
  • Master Home To Do List
  • Master Home Inventory
  • Utility Providers & Schedule
  • Household Consumables Inventory
  • Home Improvement Log
  • Breaker Box Layout
  • How To Guides
  • Furniture Inventory
  • Appliance Inventory
  • Electronics Inventory
  • Yard Equipment Inventory
  • Notes & Ideas Page

I’m not going to show every single page, but let me highlight a few I find most helpful!

The Home Improvement Log is a two-page spread that helps you track all the updates you make to your home, including cost, labor, supplies, etc. As these pages fill up, just print off additional sets to keep recording!

Home Management Worksheets

Speaking of home improvements, I have several worksheets for those of you trying to manage various home projects and ideas! From a whole-home Master To Do List (with customizable categories) to design planners and room-by-room spec sheets, these pages can help you get all your ideas and plans onto paper!

Home Management Worksheets

The Utility Providers and Schedule worksheets are not only really helpful when setting up services when you first move in but also for keeping numbers handy in case there is an issue during routine service.

Home Management Worksheets

The About Our Home section also provides places to log somewhat random details unique to your home. Use the How To Guides to jot down details for jobs you don’t do very often (e.g., winterize hose bibs). And the Breaker Box diagram will likely be easier to maintain and read in the dark than labels on the box itself!

Home Management Worksheets

Finally, this section includes four different inventories (Electronics, Appliances, Furniture, and Yard Equipment) with spaces to record model numbers, purchase date, colors/fabrics, etc. When filled out with diligence, you’ll be able to get items serviced or replaced with ease!

Part 4 | Dates & Schedules

The Dates & Schedules section of The Family HUB provides a variety of calendar/planner-type worksheets. Whether you need perpetual calendars to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries or you want simple calendars to use for school/sport schedules, business planning, home improvement timelines, etc, this set of pages has you covered!

Home Management Worksheets

All of the Dates & Schedules worksheets are done in the light turquoise color with the heart-in-flag symbol along the bottom of each page. This 20+ page kit includes:

  • Important Dates At-a-Glance
  • Birthdays & Anniversaries At-a-Glance
  • Yearly Calendars
    • 12 months/page
    • 6 months/page
    • 2 months/page
  • Monthly Calendars
    • 1 page layout
    • 2 page layout
  • Day Planner
  • Week Planner
  • Family Schedule
  • Notes & Ideas Page

I think yearly at-a-glance calendars are so helpful and can be used in a variety of ways. This kit features three different versions: 1 page (12 months/page), 2 pages (6 months/page), and 6 pages (2 months/page).

Because I envision this binder sitting on your counter or desk to be referenced often, I also included pages that can be used for daily, weekly, and monthly planning.

All of the planner pages (daily, weekly, monthly) are undated, so you can print multiples of the same page(s) and then write or type in specific dates as you need them!

One of my favorite new printables is this landscape Family Schedule. Populate your family members down the left side and then fill in the grid with each person’s weekly activities or plans. This one is perfect for taping up on the refrigerator for all to reference!

Home Management Worksheets

NOTE: Like all my printable kits, these pages include editable text fields so you can either fill them out by hand or type in all the details and then print them out. Additionally, both kits are available in the colors shown, as well as black-and-white. If you’re looking to conserve printer ink, consider printing the dividers and tabs in color but the worksheets themselves in black-and-white. The symbols along the bottom of each page will help you keep track of what goes where!

Get These Kits!

Parts 3 (About Our Home) and 4 (Dates & Schedules) of The Family HUB system are now available for download from The Organization Toolbox! Click HERE to shop or learn more!

These printable home management worksheets, especially those in the About Our Home kit, are some of the most useful I think I’ve ever created! If you’ve always wanted to hash out your home’s items, fixtures, paint colors, flooring (and so much more!), but didn’t really know how to go about it, these worksheets will give you a clear, concise, and pretty manner in which to capture it all. Additionally, the to do lists and room planners are easy forms to help you keep track of things you have done or want to do to your home! Finally, you might be wondering about household maintenance. I’ve chosen to include an extensive library of maintenance logs, schedules and forms with the cleaning kit…due out in April…so keep an eye out for that!

Home Management Worksheets

Have you started assembling your Family HUB yet? I can’t wait to hear how these printable home management pages work out for you!

The Family HUB

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See You Soon!