Happy Friday! I am so excited to be checking in with a fun project reveal tonight! (It means I actually got something done!!!)
I don’t know about you, but when I get an idea in my head for a project, I want to do it right away. Even when there are a million OTHER things I should be doing!  That’s the story with this coat rack! Despite everything I have going on right now (baby’s first birthday party, and oh, moving!), I found a few hours to turn this…

into this!

I tell you why and I how I did it after the jump!!

This whole project came about because of my cloth diapering system! You see, for almost a year now, I have been using a wet bag inside a plastic trash can with a lid. Despite attempts to wash it regularly, bleach it, and put it out in the sun, I could NOT get the stink out of the trash can itself! The smell was permeating out of the can and into the whole room! Yuck!
A friend of mine recently invited me to a local cloth diaper store, and turned me on to the WONDERS of a zipper-closed diaper bag – cue the chorus – AAALLEELLUUUIIIAAA! I snatched up two right away! 
Since I no longer needed the pail, I canned the can (ha! get it?!?) right away. With no good place to hang the diaper bag, I hung it (like the laundry bag) on the dresser knobs. 
It took me less than a day to fall in love with my new wet bag, but also to despise this hanging system. I knocked both bags off during almost every diaper change, and they constantly pulled the drawers open. Then it occurred to me that I had this lonely coat rack sitting un-used in the garage!  Before starting the makeover, I test drove this system to see if it would work!
It worked brilliantly, but the colors/patterns had to be fixed – ASAP. Off I set to the home-improvement store to pick me up some spray paint to transform it for the nursery space.
Now…I don’t know about you, but if I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times “a quick spray paint job gives anything a whole new life!” Maybe it’s because I’m not an expert painter or maybe painting is not my thing, but painting anything, with brush or can, is NEVER a quick or easy job for me (insert whiney tone!). Am I all alone here? It ALWAYS takes longer (and more trips back to the store) than I think it will. Argg.  I thought for sure this would be done in a day….well, one week, 2 trips to Lowe’s, and 5 layers of paint later…I was all done!
I used the new wet bag fabric patterns to drive my color choices! There’s a lot of navy/lime green throughout the room already, and I was really excited at the thought of pulling out the turquoise in my owl theme fabric (you can see the whole nursery here!).  These were the colors I used (plus Valspar white spray primer, not shown).
The steps were pretty easy…
  1. First, I primed the stand white, sanded it down, and primed with a second layer of white…those colors were hard to cover up!
  2. Then, I sprayed all the outward facing rims with the Rustoleum green (btw, love how this paint goes on and dries nice and hard and glossy…and no drips!)
  3. Next, I taped off all the outward facing rims with painters tape (longest part of the whole project!)
  4. I then sprayed the entire coat rack with the pretty Valspar blue (btw, the new Valspar cans are super hard to spray…or maybe I just don’t have the hand strength…and I had lots of drip issues…I don’t think I was coating it on too thick?! Am I whining too much?)
  5. I pealed off all the painters tape and touched up a few small paint bleeds with a brush (using some paint sprayed out of the can into a plastic bowl).
  6. Finally, I finished it with 3 coats of the MiniWax clear gloss!

Back in my son’s bedroom, I now have a sleek, fun, and new way to hang his smell-free diaper bag and his laundry where it doesn’t fall off, AND he can’t reach it…yet!
I guess until he knocks the whole thing over! LOL. Until then…we can enjoy this lovely new addition to his room!
Big first birthday party is this weekend – check back on Monday, because I’ll have all the pics up for you to see!
Have a great weekend!

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