If you’ve been coming around here for a little while, then you know that I’ve mentioned (about a million times!) that we were quickly approaching our next re-location (to our 5th home in 8 years!) 
Well, for the past few weeks (while I’ve been showing you around my niece’s new bedroom!), my family and I have been transitioning to our new home in sunny North Carolina! But before I turn the page to this next chapter in our lives (and on this blog), I wanted to take a minute to properly close the Virginia chapter in our military adventure!
This was us…10 short months ago. 
Boxes coming in…another chapter opening…
Henry was not even 3 months old!

I set to work right away making this as comfy and cozy a home as quickly and cheaply as I could! 
I didn’t quite get to everything…but I think I did pretty good. 
You can see all my rooms up close here!

All too soon, the trucks were back…
Our stuff was boxed up once again…
We said “goodbyes” to family and friends, old and new…

And my Henry is now a walking, talking toddler!

I am so sad to say goodbye to this house and to the friends and family we had close by for this short assignment. For the first time in our military adventure, I said to my husband “I wish we could stay.” 
But alas, we military folk move on…and move on we have.
Farewell, Virginia. I am SURE we will meet again someday 😉
I am going to take the next week to do some much needed settling in as well as some blog updating…But when I come back, I will give you the first glance of our new home. I am really excited about this next chapter of our lives, and SO very excited to chronicle it from start to finish here on the blog (it’s time to add another tab to the header!) 
Be back very soon!
See You Soon!