Although this season will not likely have the usual hustle and bustle of school, sports, Fall festivities and more, meal planning is still something that can make your household run a little smoother, especially with the whole family home all day, every day. In this latest installment for The Family HUB system, I have a whole slew of new meal planning printables, including weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly planners, grocery lists, pantry/freezer inventories and more. My intention for this streamlined collection of pages was to enable you to easily and efficiently plan your meals and prep your grocery lists all while seated comfortable with your Family HUB binder. Whether you’ve been meal planning for years or are looking to jump-start the habit, these pages are sure to help you tackle one of the toughest home management tasks: meals!

Meal Planning Printables

What Is The Family HUB?

Back in January, I introduced my latest comprehensive printable system: The Family HUB – the ultimate, customizable home management system that can help you track every detail of your life and home. This printable kit (which by year’s end will include worksheets and trackers for pretty much every area of your life) was born out of your requests for a pretty, simple and complete home management binder. To date, the first 10 sections of The Family HUB have been released and are available for immediate download (see more at the bottom of this post). Today’s addition, Meal Planning Printables, is the 11th section to be added to your Family HUB!

Part 11 | Meal Planning Printables

The bright red section of The Family HUB is dedicated entirely to meal planning. These 35+ pages will allow you to plan meals, prepare shopping lists, catalogue recipes, and inventory your on-hand pantry and freezer foods in a clean, simple and efficient manner. All meal planners are available with both Sunday and Monday starts and in a variety of formats, so you will be sure to find one that works for you and your family! And don’t forget: all pages feature editable text boxes and are available in color, as well as black and white.

Meal Planning Printables

Let me show you these meal planning printables in more detail!

Meal Planning Pages

This kit features 7 different meal planning worksheets, all in different layouts and lengths of time. Including weekly plans, monthly plans, Monday starts, Sunday starts, and a variety of meal spots (just dinner or all daily meals), you’ll be able to find a layout that matches your planning needs.

All meal planners are designed with BOTH Monday and Sunday starts!

Meal Planning Printables

WEEKLY MEAL PLANNER. (Below left) Available in both portrait and landscape layouts, this is my most popular meal planning design (and the one I use personally!) Fill in the generously-sized blocks with dinner and prep notes or outline all the meals for the day.

THIS WEEK’S MEALS. This landscape page includes a week-at-a-glance layout for all meals with blocks for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

Meal Planning Printables

WEEKLY MEAL PLANNER WITH GROCERY LIST. (Below). This planner lets you hash out an entire week’s worth of eating and the associated groceries on a single page. Although it can apply to various situations, it’s ideals for singles or small families who don’t have a huge grocery requirement!

Meal Planning Printables

4-WEEK MEAL PLANNER. (Below, in binder) This planner features two weeks worth of planning space on a single page; yet it is expandable to accommodate up to four weeks in a two-page spread. The generous planning blocks also lets you make notes, plan several daily meals, or even write out needed ingredients or prep steps.

MONTHLY MEAL PLANNERS. (Below, in front) These month-at-a-glance meal planners are great for hashing out 28+ days worth of meals at one time, allowing you to easily ensure a good variety across weeks. I’ve included both 4-week/month and 5-week/month layouts.

Meal Planning Printables

Printable Grocery Lists

Even though I do all our grocery shopping virtually, I still rely on a solid printable grocery list. This kit features two layouts (landscape and portrait) and can accommodate between 6 and 12 shopping categories. Beyond just fillable lists, each shopping category is also editable/changeable, meaning you can organize your shopping in any way that works for you!

Meal Prep Planners

If you are trying to do a bunch of meal prep for the week ahead or want to assemble lots of freezer meals all at one time, getting your recipes, ingredients, and prep steps organized will ensure your cooking session runs smoothly. Three different meal prep planners are included in this kit.

BATCH MEAL PREP PLANNER. (Below) This two-page spread allows you to plan out your ingredients, tasks and schedule for a 10-recipe prep session.

Meal Planning Printables

MEAL PREP PLANNER WITH SHOPPING LIST.  This meal prep planner includes plans and a shopping list for a single week’s worth of meals. The editable shopping list categories allows you to organize ingredients by meal, store location, etc.

MEAL PREP PLANNER. (Below) This week at-a-glance spread is great for keeping on the refrigerator to streamline nightly meal prep. If the dinner hour is one of the busiest in your household, taking time to break down meals into steps will allow you to stay on top of everything while also managing homework, sports schedules, phone calls and more!

Meal Planning Printables

Recipe Catalogue

Although this printable kit doesn’t include the vast collection of recipe organization materials as found in my Ultimate Kitchen Printable Pack, I did pluck out the very best worksheets that will enable you to do all your meal planning directly from your Family HUB.

RECIPE CATALOGUE. The recipe catalogue pages features changeable categories and is expandable (just print as many pages as you need!) to accommodate whatever recipe organization system makes the most sense to you.

FAMILY FAVORITES. Keep a list of favorite recipes handy to make populating your meal plan even easier! This catalogue also features changeable recipe categories so you can sort recipes by family member, season, food type, etc.

HOT & COLD. Refer to this directory to quickly and easily identify recipes for freezer meal prep sessions or the Crockpot on busy nights!

DELIVERY & TAKEOUT DIRECTORY. Keep local restaurant and food delivery service information handy for nights you just don’t feel like cooking.

Food Inventory Pages

Like the recipe catalogue pages, this kit also doesn’t feature the expansive collection of Pantry, Freezer, and Spice inventories as found in my Ultimate Kitchen Printable Pack. However, I’ve included the ones that are most helpful in populating meal plans and grocery lists directly from your Family HUB.

PANTRY INVENTORY (FILLABLE). (Below, left) This two-page spread can be expanded to populate as many foods as needed, and is intended to help you keep tabs on what you have in your pantry without having to go rummage around. See how to use this here.

PANTRY INVENTORY (CHECKLIST). (Below, right) This checklist-style inventory is a great way to ensure you keep basic staples on hand. I recommend laminating it or placing it in a page protector so you can wipe off check marks as inventory is used up.

SPICE INVENTORY. (Below) Same as the pantry inventory checklist, this spice checklist allows you to quickly identify what spices you have on hand while you are scanning recipes and populating your grocery list.

FREEZER INVENTORY. This two-page spread can be expanded to populate as many foods as needed, and is intended to help you keep tabs on what you have in your freezer without having to go rummage around. See how to use this worksheet here.

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Part 11 – Meal Planning Printables (of The Family HUB system) is now available for download from The Organization Toolbox! Click HERE to shop or learn more!

Like a fresh set of pencils or new books around this time of year, a fresh set of meal planning printables is a great way to get your meal planning habits back on track. I worked hard to include only the most efficient and effective meal planning resources in this kit. I hope you find them oh-so-useful in reducing the time and stress surrounding meal time in your household!

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