Happy Thanksgiving! I hope wherever you are, that you and yours have a wonderful and scrumptious Thanksgiving full of good fun and happy memories! In addition to all the many blessings in my life, I am thankful for each of you that come around here each week to see my projects and leave heart-warming feedback. Thank you for making my days a little brighter and I hope I do the same for you 🙂

I’m not cooking this year (I am thankful for that!!), but after my “performance” last year my Thanksgiving tablescape, I was asked to contribute the table centerpieces. After collecting some ideas here and there, I pulled together these really easy and eye-catching “THANKS” jars that will run down the center of the table!

There’s a few steps to these little guys, but nothing too hard. Let me show you!

I used my cricut to cut out all the shapes. The brown medallion is from the Cricut Alphabet cartridge, the white and red are simple circles, and all the letters are from the Mini Monograms cartridge.

I started by applying some simple double stick tape to the backs of the medallions. This step isn’t overly necessary, but I wanted to hold the medallions in place while I glued the ribbon on!

I applied a medallion to both sides of the jar with the double-sided tape. By doing both sides, people on both sides of the table can read the festive message!

Next, I glued a piece of polka dot ribbon around the jar with a hot glue gun. I did NOT glue directly to the jars so they can be used again. The glue was placed across the middle of the brown medallions and the yellow ribbon was pulled tight around to cinch everything up!

Next, I assembled my letters using some roller adhesive.

Then I hot glued each letter to the front of the medallion and ribbon.

I repeated this process with the other 5 jars, and then added letters to the other sides. If you are making these to be read from both sides, make sure you lay out your letters like this:

(If you put the same letter on the fronts and backs of each jar, then half the table will be reading it backwards 😉

The last thing to do is to fill each jar with an assortment of flowers. I went to a local grocery store and picked up several big bundles of fall flowers. I then trimmed all the flowers, berries and greens and distributed them among the jars…

When they’re all placed next to each other, you are left with a pretty fantastic display!

This is an idea that could be used over and over again for different holidays. I am excited to do the same thing on our Christmas table with a word like “Merry” or “Jingle”!!!

Again, have a very Happy Thanksgiving! I will be back soon with that ottoman tutorial – depending on if I try to brave Black Friday shopping, the post might be up on Monday instead of tomorrow. We’ll see!

See You Soon!